Aberdeen, Scotland :)


Aberdeen – Otherwise known as my hometown! Where my family; mum Sandra, dad Steve, big brother Liam and the pet cat… the lovely Misty, live 🙂

Journal Entry

13/10 – “Just went through customs at Aberdeen Airport… saying bye to mum and dad was not nice :(. A few tears were shed, but I held back as much as I could cause otherwise I’d never want to go! I’m sitting in the airport lounge looking out on what can only be described as another grey and miserable Tuesday morning in Aberdeen!! I’m sure there is something I’ve forgotten to pack!!

Arrived at Manchester Airport at around 10am to be greeted by Tracie and Samantha! Was so good to see them! Felt like it was forever since we last saw each other and this time it’s for real! (Although Samantha isn’t leaving for Aus till December, she’s still got a bit of a wait yet!) As we left the airport car park, after being confused by the paying machine at the exit… we then couldn’t find the exit to leave the airport itself!!so we were stuck going round and round this roundabout for what felt like ages! After many laughs of picturing ourselves going round many times in this wee yellow car, we FINALLY managed to make an informed decision on what exit to take… and success!! We finally got out onto the motorway!!

The journey to Brighouse (Sam’s home) didn’t take long, and before we knew it, we were at Tracie’s house – ready to compare bag sizes!! Oh my god, what a laugh!! Sam had to leave early as she had work that evening, so it was me and Trace trying to do final packing and making sure our backpacks fit us correctly.

Trying on our bags was the biggest challenge though! With the help of Tracie’s mum Trish, we somehow managed to laugh a hell of a lot, hurt our necks, hurt our backs, fall over numerous times, re-think the whole backpack idea… and course take photos! Despite all that it was very fun! Just a hint of all the good times ahead!!

That night, Tracie and I finally got to sleep around 12 midnight, ready for the date to hit us… 14th October 2009!!!!”


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