Manchester, England


Manchester – Otherwise known as where Tracie lives! It made more sense for me to travel down to Manchester the day before our flight was due on the 14th October, cause it would mean a lot less travelling for me in one day, coming all the way from Aberdeen to London, then on to Kuala Lumpur!

Journal Entry

14/10 – “Got about six hours sleep last night, at least it topped the previous night’s sleep back home – barely anything!

Tracie and I were speaking most of the night, still not feeling like any of this is officially real! We were both excited though!! The countdown is now at an end, let the games begin!

We grabbed the train in Halifax after saying bye to Tracie’s mum. A few tears were shed, but not as bad as we had imagined! The train took us to Leeds, where we met up with Heather, another member of the Oct 14th Crew!! Heather said bye to her rents at the train station… and before we knew it, we were off down heading for Stansted! We briefly stopped over at Peterborough, then after a very long and sleepy journey, we finally reached Stansted Airport!!

When we reached the airport, we just wanted to check in and jump on the plane, but unfortunately we still had so many hours to wait! We all grabbed a bite to eat and laughed and giggled with the rest of the crew who gradually arrived in time… Katie, Nadia, Jamie, Sarah and Jaymie… the group was complete!

After 5 hours of waiting till check in, we got to the front of the queue and off we headed for departures… nice ‘n’ simple… then it was another 3 hour wait till we could board the flight! I’m sick of waiting!!

First impressions of Air Asia planes… not too shabby! Could have been much worse! The meals we got on the flight weren’t half bad, but enough to fill the stomach for the time being! During the flight we also managed to buy wee portable tvs which we could watch films and old tv programs on. Most of us went for watching The Proposal, so no doubt from now on, I’ll forever think of this flight when I see that film again! Managed to get some sleep, surprisingly and yet it still doesn’t feel like all this is happening. Such an odd feeling!!”


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