Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur – Otherwise known as… the first place I’ve ever been to outside the EU!! In all my 22 years of living, I’ve never been to anywhere outside Europe, so that was a nice first… especially when I was greeted by the extreme heat! Wasn’t ready for that part at all!!

Journal Entry

15/10 – “14:30… We arrived at Kuala Lumpur!!! The first thing we noticed from the second we stepped off the flight was the heat… hot hot heat!! Not a breeze to go with it! We weren’t prepared for that at all!!

We queued a fair while for our passports to be checked and after we got through we had our first stamp printed on our passports of our trip!! I love to get these stamps!

After getting our luggage , which thankfully arrived in the right destination, we headed outside to catch our bus. Again, the heat was a major factor to us and we were really suffering from the shock of it! Everyone else seemed as cool as a cucumber, it was going to take some getting used to!

Our bus journey to KL city centre was hot and sweaty, and not the good kind! After what felt like a whole lot of bus tripping through bendy/hilly roads – we finally reached KL, and soon we could see the lush Patronas Towers! Even from a distance they looked amazing!

Along the journey, we saw masses of McDonalds – much to Heathers happiness!! Eventually we reached our destination… Bedz @ KL. Finally!! First impressions – Not good at all!!!

To the left of the building, there was just a big pile of rubbish… mmmm! Not the inviting looking hostel we had in mind! However once we headed inside (after taking off our shoes… something you have to do here, we got used to this pretty quickly!) the hostel looked really good. We then checked in and got to our rooms and finally got the backpacks off our backs!! The weight was just unbearable!!

There was only 3 rooms/dorms in the entire hostel, and 2 showers for everyone to use… and as bad as that might sound…. It was actually perfect! We never found there was a queue for the showers, and the place was always tidy and clean. Very, VERY impressed for the little money we spent on it!

So while we were all getting our stuff together in our rooms and trying to organize ourselves with our backpacks, a voice came from the door. It was Amar!! One of the guys in our gapyear.com group came down from somewhere in SE Asia to surprise us in KL! He has already been travelling for a few weeks/months and came along without us knowing, to join us for the few days that we were here!

That night we went out to a pizza place, not far from our hostel and chatted away into the night – it was still so, so warm and the food was dirt cheap! 6 pound for a whole huge pizza! Loving KL already!!”


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