Kuala Lumpur Continued…


Journal Entry

17/10 – “Today was the day we were going to see the elephants!! I was really looking forward to today… never been close to an elephant, and the leaflet said we could feed and bathe them, awesome!!

Unfortunately we all slept in a little… woke up just after 8am, only for the bus to come collect us at 8.30am! it was a mad rush!!

Our wee (very wee!) bus came to collect us, and off we headed, first stopping off at the Batu caves. An amazing place to see! There was the biggest statue outside the entrance to the cave. Not only that, but there were 272 steps to get to the entrance of the cave! Pretty rough work in the late 30C heat!! The whole place was packed due to it being the festival of Divali.

We then headed off for the elephant sanctuary, which was a fair distance for KL city centre. So we had loads of travelling to do that day. Most of us managed to stay awake all day, considering how little sleep we got! I stayed awake and watched the masses of beautiful scenery we passed be on the way there. There was miles and miles of rainforest on either side of the motorway, just amazing.

Before we got to the sanctuary, we arrived at a small place called Deerland. A sign outside the animal farm warned us “Visit at your own risk”, never something you want to see!! But of course, when on holiday you have to take risks, so we headed in, where we got the chance to feel and stroke a honey bear. He was adorable! So big and fluffy, I loved him! We then fed some deer that were mingling around and saw some animals caged up… which I didn’t like too much, but the place was fun either way.

Next stop – lunch! It wasn’t that great I must admit. Nothing to write home about! The next stop though was elephant time!! After a wee video about the how the sanctuary came about, we headed down to the area where the elephants were held near a big river. There were big troughs full of fruit and veg that everyone could use to feed the animals with. Overall I reckon there was a good 200 odd people there. Our tour guide, who was also our bus driver, asked if any of us would like to ride the elephants, and with just me, Heather and Katie standing with him, me and Heather jumped at the chance! He then told us that we would be the last of everyone… not just our wee group… but everyone in the whole sanctuary, to ride the elephant!

After much pondering, our tour guide told us that we would be getting to ride the elephant into the river! Everyone else who was getting to ride the elephants were just going round in a wee circle, but oh no, we were getting a bath with the elephant!!

This of course made me and Heather worry as to what was going to happen in the river. They did comfort us by saying we’d just be getting a little shower from the spray of the trunk… phew!! A little teasing did occur when they told us there were piranhas and crocs in the river… how kind!!

After much waiting around for everyone else to have their rides on the elephants, it was now Heather and me to have a shot! Of course everyone who had their little ride was now watching us… all eyes on us screaming our heads off! What a sight!!

The feeling of being on the back of this elephant was surreal! I never thought I’d ever ride an elephant… and the motion it had when he was heading down the ramp for the river was just odd! I certainly didn’t feel safe! Before we knew it, the elephant was fully in the river and everyone was standing along the rivers edge watching. Heather and I were oblivious to what was actually going to happen… the staff members of the sanctuary who were guiding the elephant into the river, started saying these words and suddenly the elephants dropped to one side… and where did Heather and I go? Straight into the river!! Yup, the elephant tipped us out! It was so, SO amazing!!

The staff then told us to move along the river, to where the baby elephants came and joined us in the water and we were able to stroke and bathe them! What an experience, I’ll never forget it!

After the long day, we headed back to KL city (drenched!) and before we knew it, the day was over. What an eventful one, it was really something else :).”


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