Melbourne, VIC, Australia


Melbourne – Otherwise known as my first destination inside Australia! Melbourne makes a lot of appearances in my journal, purely down to the fact that it was handy to pass through for many of my trips, and the fact that I always seemed to end up in this place! Really nice city though, and plenty to say about it…

Journal Entry

19/10 – “We arrived at Melbourne airport after possibly the worst flight I have ever been on! There wasn’t any turbulence, nothing like that, but I just couldn’t, for the life of me, sleep! Grrr!! So I ended up having a major case of jet lag :(. When we finally arrived at Melbourne, me, Tracie and Nadia grabbed a bite to eat upstairs. The prices were so much more different to that of KL. Not a nice surprise at all!!

We boarded our shuttle bus to get to our hostel – Base at St Kilda! After a long journey, most of which I was nodding off due to the lack of sleep… we eventually arrived and checked in! as soon as we got to our rooms, we all fell into our nice clean beds and grabbed some kip for a few hours… much needed! Me and the girls decided to get up at 6pm and get some grub. Overall it seems a nice place to stay, very big though! But most importantly – clean!! Heather decided to get a bad in the same room as Katie, seeing as she was alone in a room without us. After having our feed, we then decided to head back to bed and try to get our clocks going with Aussie time!

We were finally in Australia!!!!”


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