Journal Entry

31/10 – “Neighbours tour today!! Had a really early start this morning ughhh… 7am! Didn’t get much sleep at all last night! We managed to get ourselves ready and out of bed in time for catching the bus at 8am. Of course, typically the weather was crap! It was foggy and dull… perfect!! On our wee bus, the tour guide let us watch old episodes of Neighbours… oh my god… REALLY old!!  It was hilarious seeing them again! Even Libby and Drew’s wedding! How do I remember that?!! Made me chuckle!

We first drove by Erinsborough High… not that exciting cause you couldn’t really see it! We then headed for the street that is used in the show, it’s real name is Pine Oak Court (I think!), and I got to say, the street looks tiny!! We couldn’t stop laughing at how small it looked in real life! How does the tv make it look so big?! We wandered about the street for a bit – taking photos. The tour guide was telling us that every Tuesday and Thursday the street is closed off. The residents have to move their cars in the morning, and then the crew gets the street ready for filming. All the houses have to have their numbers changed so that they match that of the ones in the show. And even if the residents wanted to do anything to the exterior of their homes, they would have to inform the creators of the show in order to make sure it was ok to do it! Crazy!

Just recently one of the residents had some stone cladding put outside their house, so we were told that no doubt there will be some random story put in so that it looks as though one of the characters of the show did it! The extremes they go to for the program!

Soon after some mingling on the street, we headed for the Global Television Studios where we found the Lassiters Complex and Lou’s Carpenters! Again, it looked tiny! It was so odd seeing the bus stop, and seeing how the road led to nowhere, besides a wired fence! The guide then took us past a bunch of buses that were parked nearby. Apparently these were used as the Green Room and make up rooms. On a budget?!

Then it was onto the Lassiters Complex where we saw the hotel, the vet (which isn’t really in the show anymore!) Charlie’s Bar, Toadies Law office… which you never see now either, and finally Harolds Coffee Place! It was surreal seeing all the stuff, but again, it looked tiny in real life!! I don’t know why I thought it was so big?!!

After we saw all the set, we then headed back into the city where we were going to meet a star from the show. However, our star was Janelle Timmons… she left the show 3 years ago!! You would think that paying extra for the “Ultimate Tour” you’d get someone a little more famous, or even someone who is still currently in the show! But no, you get someone who left over 3 years ago!

And that was that, the Neighbours Tour was over! It wasn’t too great, but I wasn’t really expecting much cause I heard it wasn’t up to much! But it was still something that had to be done I guess!!

For the rest of the day, we pretty much lazed around. The weather never really picked up, so we just caught up on our journals. I’m finally up to date! Now to enjoy this muffin…”


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