14/11 – “We checked out of our hostel at 10am, and like we did back at Base, we stayed up in the tv lounge till we grabbed a taxi to the airport.

Around midday, we got the taxi to the airport and boarded the flight. Even though we were heading back to Melbourne, I was still feeling really shit. Infact, I was really close to tears at times. I didn’t think homesickness would be so horrible!! When we boarded the flight, I stuck my iPod in my ears and just relaxed. I needed to take my mind off stuff… feeling like shit wasn’t agreeing with me at all! 😦

Just after 8pm, we arrived back in Melbourne… otherwise known as my second home!! Pretty much anyways! I felt like a whole weight had come off my shoulders. It was so good to be back.

Now we had the mission of finding a nice spot to rest for the night. And after grabbing a really cheap and much needed cup of tea from the McDonalds in the airport and enjoying some choc, we found ourselves a nice spot to lay our heads till we grabbed the free shuttle first thing in the morning!

For the first time in a long time I was feeling happy (well at least since being away from Brisbane!) I was so glad to see this side of me!! It was good to be laughing again!! Homesickness is CRUEL!!

Around 11pm, we found the perfect spot to get some sleep for the night… (yup, we slept in the airport lounge!). Away from the busy-ness of the check-in desks, me and Trace used our towels as covers that we got from the Queen Vic market in Melbourne a while back and our bags as pillows! I reckon all in all I got about 4-5 hours sleep… wasn’t the best, and I was certainly cold, but it was saving us plenty money!!”


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