Journal Entry

18/11 – “ This morning was free pancakes for breakfast!! They were lush, so thick and tasty!! Just like dad’s homemade, reminded me of home :). Linda joined me, Trace, Nadia and Jamie for our pancakes, and after the girls and Jamie left, me and Linda got chatting more. She was telling me how she was planning to go into the city to do a bit of touring, and asked if I’d like to join her. Seeing as I had no plans, I figured I’d jump at the chance!

We got ourselves ready and headed into the city after 10am. We jumped on the tram and arrived at Flinders St (We’ve gradually come to realize that there are streets/roads/area/regions all named flinders almost all over this country!!). Our first destination for the city was the Eureka Skydeck. This building is the tallest building in Melbourne, and according to its claim, it is the tallest residential building in the world. It seems other buildings claim the same, but its pretty damn tall from where I stood!! We only paid concession fares to go to the viewing deck on level 88. At $11 we thought that was really well priced.

Up we shot in the elevator, that travels at 9 metres per second (apparently the fastest in the Southern Hemisphere), where my ears popped loads, and oddly my eyes started to water! We reached the top, as you’d imagine, pretty fast, and we were greeted by the most awesome view over Melbourne. Never seen anything like it! We found out some awesome facts on it too. Such as; there are 3,680 steps up to the top of the tower, the tower can sway up to 600mm in high winds, and it’s got two 300,000 litre water tanks on level 90 and 91 to prevent it from swaying excessively!!

The views from here were amazing. I got a sense of vertigo from time to time when standing at the edge near the glass. We also got the chance to stand outside on a small platform too. Even though it wasn’t too windy, it still felt pretty scary at times! Just knowing that there was a thin wired fence between you and a 300 metre drop made me shit my pants! Another option we could have done was to stand on a 3x3metre box made entirely of glass, that moves out, so you can see directly below you! We decided against it though… save on the cash and all that!!

We then headed off to China Town, to see if we could find any nice places to grab a bite to eat. To start with, Chine Town didn’t look too impressive. We found a food court that looked alright, but when we headed into the building, everywhere was closing up… at 2.30 in the afternoon?!!

So we headed further down the street and happended to come across a mall with places to eat. We went in with some optimism, and saw a few wee places. We chose on one that looked really busy with the locals… thinking if it’s busy with these guys… it must be good!! Ding ding! We were right! I chose a veggie option, that was lush. The portions were massive, and for only $8 we were happy!

We then headed for the Old Melbourne Gaol, to check it out, however by the time we arrived, it was nearing 4.30pm and the guy advised us to give ourselves at least an hour and a half for the tour. So we figured we’d leave it for another day.

We chose to head back to the hostel, detouring through the Botanical Gardens, seeing as it was such a nice day. We saw the Sidney Myer Music Bowl (massive music arena in the gardens which holds music events outdoors). We were surprised as how peaceful it was in the gardens, once you got further in, considering we were so close to the busy city. Loved it! After much walking, we managed to figure out where we were in the city, and our quickest route to get back! However we ended up walking almost the full length of St Kilda Road! Bearing in mind, the road is pretty lengthy, not happy!! After walking the full length of this road, we finally reached no.333… otherwise known as Habitat HQ – our hostel! Had major case of achey feet though!

I was telling Linda about St Kilda pier, and how you can see the wee penguins come in at night. So we figured we’d go see them. You also get pretty awesome views of the skyline over the city at night. Photo time!!

We only managed to catch a glimpse of a few penguins and we couldn’t take photos, but they were so adorable!

We then headed back across the pier, where we managed to get some shots of the skyline – it looked amazing :).

Throughout the day also, Linda had been telling me that she was planning to do the centre of aus with a tour company. Seeing as she had no one else to go with, she asked if I wanted to go… I’m still giving it some thought, but it sounds like something I’ve got to do while I’m down here. I started looking at a tour and some reviews of them too, getting me well excited!!

Tomorrows plan is to go to the set of Aussie’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’s Hot Seat! The hostel have a free tour going on, and me and Linda threw our names down… that’s tomorrow’s day totally sorted!! Happy happy!”


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