Adelaide, SA, Australia


Adelaide – Otherwise known as the capital of South Australia! State no.2 that I visited in Aus! Not a massive city, but that’s what I loved about it. Not much of a city fan to be honest, so this place was just right. Arrived here with my new travel mate Linda, who I met in Melbourne :).

Journal Entry

22/11 – “We arrived at Adelaide at 6am… bright and early? Not at all!! I was shattered :(. The bus journey was just awful, no sleep at all! After plenty of wandering around the streets trying to navigate our way to the hostel, we finally reached Hostel 109 on Carrington St, yay!! We threw our bags down, much to my delight, as it was gradually gaining more weight during my travels! and first thing we did was grab a cup of coffee the size of our heads!! Free tea and coffee and better still… free internet! I gave mum a much needed call to update her on the goings on down under, I think we spoke for well over an hour, which I was surprised as due to the lack of sleep! At one point during the call, dad came home from a night out (it was around 9-10pm uk time) as drunk as a skunk… naturally!! Quite funny hearing the goings on at home, especially mum stressing that dad would spill his curry over the brand new carpet in the living room!! It’s random things like that, that I surprisingly miss quite a lot since being here 😦 :).

After getting ourselves checked in and finding our beds, we decided to venture out to the city and do some exploring. We found yet another China Town. Marginally smaller than Melbourne’s of course! And we grabbed our lunch, I could easily live on Chinese food!!

We then thought we’d do a wee bit of touristy stuff and head to the migration museum… which wasn’t very clearly sign posted on the street!! Some of the stories in the museum were pretty amazing, and what topped it off the  most for me was outside on the pavement. They had some of the names of people who had emigrated from all over the world to Adelaide. A huge space had been created and each individual paving stone had a date, name and country of origin engraved onto it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone from Aberdeen! Glasgow was the closest!

By now our feet were aching from all the walking round the city, so we ventured back to the hostel to get our supper. We though seeing as we had such a stressful day (mainly due to Linda’s credit card not working and having to phone the company asking why it didn’t work… about an hour later the situation was resolved… but her heart was jumping like crazy for the best part of the hour!). We decided to treat ourselves to a nice bottle of wine (cheap, but yum… and not in a box!) and reduced donuts!! Classy all the way!

After dinner, and while enjoying our treats, the Scotland v Australia rugby game was on… wooo!! It was being played in Murrayfeild, so it was recoded viewing… but I still was happy!! Unfortunately howev er, during half time when the score was even at 3-3, the ad’s came on… and being the typical Aussies… they messed up and showed the final score of the Sco v Aus game we were just in the middle of watching!! Grrr!!! Of course, it showed that Scotland won… yay! It was good news, till I realized how the game ended. Scotland literally won in the last second thanks to Aus missing a conversion. It would have been an awesome game if I just didn’t know the results already!!! Still funny to look back on though!

What a day… time for sleep :).”


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