Adelaide Continued…


Journal Entry

23/11 – “We trammed it to Glenelg today. Where the beach belongs!! After buying a few postcards, with the intention of writing them very soon, we grabbed the tram ($8! Rip off!), to Glenelg… a lovely little suburb that hugs the coastline. We didn’t spend too much time here as we had Haigh’s chocolate factory in mind!

Haigh’s chocolate factory was our most important visit of the day! We tried to book ourselves into the free choc tour, but unfortunately they were fully booked, so we were told we could do a self guided tour… hey who cares, it meant we could try chocolate!! We visited when the factory was near closing, but at least we still got to try a piece of chocolate… a xmas rum truffle. Ooooh it was good!! I’m not usually a rum truffle fan, but I would of happily had more!! Linda, being the genius that she is knew that places like these have cut off pieces of chocolate… basically broken choc that doesn’t look good enough to sell full price. So of course, we went straight for that section! With our cheap chocolate and free cup of coffee in hand, we sat outside the factory and munched on a few pieces… mmmm the life!!

We then thought we’d try China Town again, but this time, get something to make for ourselves for supper. We knew there was Thai green curry paste in the free shelf in the hostel, so Thai green curry it is!! All we needed to buy was a few veg and we were sorted! Everything else we already had… yay! It was a damn good curry, but it didn’t reach the height of mum’s curry!!”


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