Angorichina, SA, Australia


Angorichina – Otherwise known as where they used to bring TB sufferers away from the general public!! How very odd!! I slept in an unused hospital here, surrounded by a very small village and masses of rocky hills and mountains. Beautiful place, albeit, rather spooky! Enjoyed our first awesome bbq of the week in Angorichina, followed by sitting round a fire to toast off our marshmallows!! :).

Journal Entry: Part Three

24/11 Continued… – “… We then jumped back on our bus to head to our final destination of the day; Angorichina which was situated amongst lots of mountains and hills. Getting there was the tricky part though!! It all began when we were told that this area had experienced some heavy rainfall. The first in many many months, how typical!! This of course meant that the roads would be a little tougher to get through… if not near impossible!! Everything seemed to run smoothly, till we got to a pretty dodgy looking creek deep amongst the hills… to put it bluntly… we got stuck big time!! To shorten the story somewhat, a good 2 hours passed before we finally got out! We tried tried almost every trick in the book to get the bus out! Digging holes, picking up flat stones, finding sticks, making a dam, pushing the trailer away from the bus, getting covered in mud/oil/water… yeah, lots of stuff happened!! Bet we were thankfully rescued… unfortunately not by a knight in shining armour, but close enough!! The owner of the place we’d be staying at tonight did the good deed with his 4×4! This is a fine example as to why you should have a 4WD in the outback!!! (Don’t hesitate to take that advice!!)

After the ‘slight’ delay, we finally reached Angorichina! We first threw our bags into our rooms; our hostel for the night would be an old disused hospital. Something different for sure!! Apparently the hospital was used for sufferers of TB, and now it is said to be a haunted building. It did sort of prove itself when a few of us heard and saw things during the night. Whilst we were just talking about it being haunted during dinner, a door in the room suddenly opened. No one was behind it, and there wasn’t a breeze in sight! Ooooh! Haha!!

After returning to bed after our long day, the next morning I told how I had heard what sounded like a man whispering in the dark of the bedroom, and Sarah said how she had heard footsteps in the room when she was woken up. I can’t say I felt that creeped out, but it certainly didn’t feel that inviting!!

What an interesting day!!”

Part One

Part Two


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