Clare & Melrose, SA, Australia


Clare & Melrose –  Otherwise known as the beginnings of my experience in the Outback! As I sat in the back of the mini bus driving along the roads with some tunes blaring out the speakers, I had an array of views to look at. Through Clare, we had masses upon masses of vineyards. South Australia is famous for its wine, and even holds the like of Jacobs Creek wine here… yum yum!! Melrose sat at the base of a beautiful mountain, and the very beginnings of the Flinders Ranges. Amazing.

Journal Entry : Part One

24/11 – “It was 6am when we woke up this morning, so that we had plenty of time to get ourselves organized for our 6.45am pick up from the Groovy Grape [GG] team!! I felt totally shattered this morning, but the hype of the trip kept me going. So, so excited to get going and see the sights… wooo!! After grabbing a shower, and a very tasty smoothie with a coffee on the side to keep us awake, we headed outside the hostel just before 6.45am to be sure we wouldn’t miss the bus!! Half an hour later, and the bus was still nowhere to be seen! Hmmm getting a little worried by this point, Linda headed back inside the hostel, and just as she was grabbing the leaflet to retrieve the GG number and ask where the hell the bus was… I spotted a wee white blob in the distance heading up our streets… yay!! It was the bus!! A huge sigh of relief blew over us! Not the best start to our trip!!

We were greeted by a very laid back and oblivious to the anger coming from us guy… Rob! Our tour guide!! So, on we jumped into the comfy wee bus, aka our semi home for the next 7 days and 6 nights! Already four people were on the bus, Edith, Sarah, Chris and Mariette. We had another 3 other people to pick up, Jennifer, Laura and Michael. Long story short, Rob basically lost them and had no contact details in order to figure out where they were! Nice one!! After more waiting around, me and Linda went into the hostel to ask if they were there… no luck. Thankfully though, a little old lady kindly came along to our bus to tell us that 3 very lost looking Swiss German kids were looking for our bus!!! A little drive down the road, and we found the rest of the crew!!

And so the tour began, first we needed to get out of the city… easily done as we were going against the rush hour traffic due to everyone heading in for work today… ha!

We drove through various villages and towns (if they qualify as towns due to the lack in population in them!). We drove through a town called Laura, reminding me of my mate Laura back at home. Miss her!! We then headed off to our first stop in Clare, where we grabbed a cup of hot chocolate and breakfast, and Rob did a big shop for the week. Like a puzzle, we somehow managed to squeeze all the food as well as equipment and backpacks onto the wee trailer! And off we headed again!! Much more travelling commenced, and a mere few hours later we had our second stop at a wee place called Melrose for our lunch. Toasted sandwiches on the bbq, Aussie style! Yum!!


Part Two

Part Three


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