Gaydor Line/Flinders Ranges, SA, Australia


Gaydor Line/Flinders Ranges – Otherwise known as The Outback!! In this area though, you don’t find so much of that red dirt that the Aussie Outback is so famous for, but it’s still considered as a desert. By the time I arrived here, it wasn’t overly hot, but it still looked pretty barren!!

Journal Entry: Part Two

24/11 Continued… – “Again, we headed off, this time crossing Gaydors Line. This line was formed by a man, Mr Gaydor (obviously!) who worked out that some way or another crop farms would only survive south of a certain “line” (which he created himself) across South Australia, anything above the line would suffer and die in the dry heat.

Apparently at one point many years ago, when the wet season continued longer than expected, some farmers took the chance to plant north of the line, however as the seasons changed back to the dry heat, the crops died. As a result, the farmers went bankrupt. As we drove through the roads, you could still see many abandoned farm houses and steding dotted across the countryside, or should I say desert?!

After much driving commenced through lots of flat roads, and vast land as far as the eye could see all round us (with the odd mountain in the distance – otherwise known as Flinders Ranges).

Oh and I can’t forget stopping over in a place called Quorn (ha!)

We came across a section of road that Rob chose to stop at. Curious at what we were looking at, Rob took out a sheet of paper, which had the poster ad for Wolf Creek. (A film based in Aus, that involved 3 backpackers being tortured to death by a local farmer… based on a true story apparently… naturally!!). Anyways, our next destination was a small cave on the side of a mountain… can’t remember the name though, typical!!

From a distance though, this mountain range we were driving towards somehow resembled a kangaroo lying down (don’t ask how!!). Rob told us that myths/stories say that this “kangaroo” walked towards this area, and due to the heat, he dragged his tail along the ground pushing the land to either side of him, therefore creating the mountain ranges to each side of him – Flinders Ranges!! Now the kangaroo was having a rest!! Love that story!!

We then trekked up the side of the hill to get to a wee cave that contained Aboriginal art drawings/paintings. Rob told us numerous stories, like how many years ago the Aboriginals would trek over the country from as far as Queensland… taking almost 2 months just to get to this site in order to complete their ritual…”

Part One

Part Three


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