Angorichina continued…


Journal Entry : Part One

25/11 – “ 06.15… Wakey wakey!! Ugh… early morning is something I’ll have to get used to on this trip!! After a quick breaky round the table and trying to re-pack our backpacks again, we filled the bus and headed off on a wee walk along the roads of Angorichina, whilst the bus was getting fixed (due to the minor crash/stuck-in-creek-situation we had last night!).

The scenery was pretty, but it would have looked a hell of a lot better if the weather was that little bit clearer!! All through the night the weather was miserable, and today it looked like it wasn’t going to clear up! Boo :(.

Thankfully just as the rain was about to let rip, the bus came along to pick us up!

After around an hour and a half’s drive of pelting rain, we stopped over briefly at Wilomina Park for a quick toilet break before heading off again into the unknown!

We travelled lots and lots, as you can imagine till we finally reached Port Augusta. This place is the main crossroads to get to Adelaide, Perth, Alice Springs, etc. This meant that Port Augusta would be the last place we’d see, or pass, for miles and miles. Whatever followed Port Augusta would be the true Outback… wooo!!

We travelled for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles…

Seriously, these roads went on forever! Despite the land being called a desert, there was lots of greenery around. This was due to the lovely rain they had been receiving! Always seem to take the weather with me!!…”

Part Two


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