Coober Pedy, NT, Australia


Cooper Pedy – Otherwise known as the Opal Capital Of the World. Cooper Pedy is literally in the middle of nowhere. After driving for miles upon miles on never ending roads that seemed to disappear into the horizon, destination Cooper Pedy was upon me!! Here, the population is so low, that the headlines of the local newspaper on that day was that Robby was celebrating his 50th birthday!

Journal Entry : Part Two

25/11 – “…Luck was on our hands though, the rain did stop, and the dark grey clouds were now behind us… ahead was clearer skies and even the sun… thank god!! A long while into the journey, Rob (our bus driver!) wrote up a countdown of kilometers on the windscreen, to show how close we were to arriving to our next destination – Cooper Pedy. It started off in the hundreds, and before long we could see the Coober Pedy mounds… basically piles upon piles of dirt and rubble from all the digging going on around the village, because Coober Pedy is the Opal capital of the world, so everyone hunts for the stuff!!

We stopped at the big Coober Pedy sign for a photo opportunity, then headed straight for our home for tonight. We were situated right in the village, next to Umoona Opal Mine. Tonight was going to be an experience and a half… as we would be sleeping underground like the locals! This is due to the extreme heat in summer (up to 50C), and the chilly nights in winter (down to 5C – nothing compared to a Scottish winter!), its perfect conditions to live underground. During the day it can be really cool, and at night it’s perfectly cosy underground!! Once we found our beds and got ourselves freshened up, we then headed out to get our supper. We visited Johns Pizza Place – apparently very famous in the village – we had three huge yummy pizzas all to munch on!

Tonight, the heavens chose to open as we having our tea, so it was a soggy trek to the bar to grab ourselves a drink. While we were standing poised and ready at the door of the pizza place, I met a girl called Lesley from Scotland!! Once I heard the accent, I just had to speak to her! We both agreed that the weather was like being back at home – miserable!! We managed to run across the roads o get to the underground bar, and had ourselves a bottle of Coopers Ale – lovely!!

Me and Linda retired back to the bunkhouse pretty early in the night, as we had such a long day today. Thankfully we were getting a lie in tomorrow… 8am wake up call. I slept like a log tonight!!”

Part One


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