Stuart Highway Layby! , NT, Australia


Stuart Highway Layby! – Otherwise known as… my bed for tonight!! It wasn’t even a layby… just a smooth red dirt patch of land right by the Highway! Here was also the first night I spent in a swag… amazingly comfortable sleeping bags! God bless Aussie creations!!

Journal Entry : Part Two

26/11 – ‘…We eventually had to head back to base to jump back on the bus to head to our next destination, this time with a bunch of other people joining us, completing our group. But not before we did a wee tour of the village in the bus. Rob took us around to show us… oddly… a golf course!! Coober Pedy has its own golf course! Apparently though, if you’re a member of the golf course, you can actually play at St Andrews course free of charge, the same goes for members of St Andrews!! How odd!!

We had to take photos of the ‘Keep Off The Grass’ sign too! We were also shown a random tree made entirely out of metal. Apparently the kids of the village complained how there was nowhere for them to play, so the men of the village built this tree. But the kids can only play on it two months of the year, cause the rest of the time the metal would give them 3rd degree burns!!

It was not time to say bye to Coober Pedy. I was sad to leave, cause I really liked this place – unusual, yet cute! Way too remote to live out here though!!

We headed off into the horizon to go find where we’d be sleeping for the night. Rob chose a nice wee spot by the Stuart Highway. No toilets available, just us and the Outback, in our wee swags!! These swags are possibly the coziest things ever! Basically huge sleeping bags that are wind/water/dirt proof! They came in very handy when we were in need of a laugh too, the name swag makes me laugh so much now!! I did, at one point have to venture into the woodland to go pee, and I’m certain I walked into a spider’s web!! Almost did the toilet there and then just standing there trying to brush the web off me. Ahhh!! I pee’d ultra fast after that and headed quickly back to camp!!!

We all laid our swags round the fire, and after our supper of paella, we retired to bed in our swags with only the stars above us. The sky looked amazing, and we later discovered it looked even better after the moon had gone down. Awesome  :).”

Part One


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