Stuart Highway Layby Continued…


Journal Entry : Part One

27/11 – “This morning we were rudely awaken by REALLY strong winds! At 4am, we ended up having to get out of our swags, tidy everything up into the bus and head off. So, so tired at this point. It didn’t help that the wind was picking up all the bright red sand, making us all have a very sexy hint of orange to our hair, clothes and faces!! Yum!

After stopping off at a petrol station for a toilet break, where I wiped my face with a baby wipe (it was totally orange afterwards!!), we then stopped for breakfast. We finally crossed the South Australia/Northern Territory state line… taking us into proper Outback living!!

After even MORE driving, we finally stopped at what only looked like a small mound of sand on the side of the road. Rob told us that over this mound we’d see what we had all been waiting for… We trekked up the hot, hot sand, and found that massive rock Australia is so famous for – Uluru!! Yay!! Lots and lots of photos were taken, even though the rock was still miles away! It almost resembled a mole hill!!…”

Part Two


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