Uluru Continued…


Journal Entry

28/11 – “Woke up at 5.20am this morning to watch the sunrise. Again, it looked awesome :). We headed back for camp to grab our breakfast before we headed off for Uluru to do our 10km walk around the base of the rock.

The walk was awesome. It looked seriously weird; all the shapes and lines across the rock, no wonder the Aboriginals believe it to be sacred! It’s just awesome!! We took plenty photos… unfortunately I didn’t drink plenty water though and later this evening I suffered the consequences!! By now the heat was really full on, we did start our walk fairly early, compared to other tour companies, so we didn’t get the full heat of the Aussie midday sun!

After grabbing our lunch back at camp, whilst Mr and Mrs Kim (Japanese couple – so cute!) climbed Uluru (by now my head was starting to get achey… so I made sure I kept drinking water in fear of getting worse!)… we were then given a mission from Rob.

The mission was titled; Mission: Budgie Smuggler!! Our mission was to get into the hotel swimming pool without getting caught out!! Rob wanted to abuse the fact that there was a decent pool in the hotel and we technically aren’t allowed in. however, Rob carefully placed us in separate locations around the hotel, so that it looked as though we didn’t know each other! Seeing as a group of 21 people would be rather obvious!

The mission was a success!!

Myself, Linda and Lesley all laid by the pool toping up our tan, I fell asleep infact, but my head was still sore :(.

After our mission was fulfilled we then headed off to watch the sunset again at Uluru, but this time at a different location. The lookout was really busy with plenty of other tour groups, but we found ourselves an excellent quiet spot. After taking plenty photos, and watching the sunset… I suddenly made a turn for the worse and felt really sick. Somehow though, I managed to keep it all in, despite apparently turning overly white!! The bus journey back to the camp was iffy, but I got there without throwing my guts up… nice but true!!

I grabbed myself a much needed shower, and magically I felt 100 times better. I also managed to enjoy our final meal at Uluru tonight, a bbq!! Naturally!! We had candles lit all down the dining table to set the mood, and everyone had an awesome night :).

Myself and Linda finally retired to our swags at 11pm, ready for yet another early start, this time to head off to Kata Tjuta to watch our next sunrise!!”


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