Kings Canyon, NT, Australia


Kings Canyon – Otherwise known as the destination for or final trek of the tour. This time covering 6.4km… not as much as our previous treks, but this one was a lot tougher; more hills, more height and more sweat!!!

Journal Entry

30/11 – “4.45am wakeup again!! The sky was still starry when we woke up! Extremely tired though :(. We popped our swags aside and filled the cool box with breakfast bars, bananas and apples ready for our walk at Kings Canyon.

It was a 6.4km walk today, but this time it would be a much tougher walk, as we had plenty hills and steep climbs to cross! In fact, the first part of the climb we did was called Heart Attack Hill. Always something you want to hear before you climb it!!

Again, the whole walk was awesome and the views were out of this world. Being safe, I kept drinking my water… but it brought on the ever expanding bladder, and my feet were killing me by the end, I don’t think I’ve got the right sized footwear!!

We then headed back for camp to grab ourselves some French bread, it would have tasted good it they hadn’t of made it with raisin bread though!! Somehow it just tasted off!! We also made sandwiches for the bus journey as we had around 5 hours of travelling ahead of us to get to our ending point of the tour – Alice Springs!!!

Unfortunately during the trip Eric somehow managed to confuse my sandwich with his and ended up eating mine; the only veggie sandwich made!! Thankfully though, I didn’t have much of an appetite till we arrived at Alice, mainly due to having a bit of a dodgy tummy. I didn’t feel as rough as Linda though, who felt sick for the whole 5 hours! Poor thing!!

As soon as we arrived at Alice Springs, Rob dropped us all off at our different hostels, we would then meet up later tonight for drinks and our last meal together as a Groovy Grape group!!

Myself, Linda and Lesley booked in for 3 nights at Alice Lodge Backpackers. A hostel with a pool and free internet – perfect! The hostel was really cute. We all grabbed a much needed shower – even though when we came out, you’d just sweat again!!

Me and the girls got all dolled up to head off for our meal, first time I wore make up for well over a week, haha!! We jumped in a taxi and headed for Annie’s Place for our meal (a hostel with $5 meals!). I had a lush salad – trying to eat healthy after all the filling meals we’ve had all week! Although it was all washed down with a few glasses of wine and beer!

We then headed for Bo Jangles. An awesome bar in town that you can view on webcam all over the world! I text a few people at home in the hope someone would watch, but everyone was at work – gutted!! You can also buy someone a drink online too, I love it!!

After much drinking and dancing the night away, the bar closed and it was time to say bye to everyone for the final time :(. Loads of hugs and sad faces later, myself, Linda and Lesley headed off back to our homes for some sleep. It was great knowing we didn’t have to get up so early tomorrow morning… YAY!!!”


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