Alice Springs Continued…


Journal Entry

3/12 – “Had another nice lie in this morning. Still not feeling too great so I spent most of the morning drinking my weight in water!!

I decided to spend all day back at the hostel with Lesley and tried to top up my tan, but it was pretty hard with it being so so hot. I know – mad!!

Linda headed off with Sabine, who was now staying at our hostel (from the trip). They headed to the Telegraph Station (first white settlement in Central Australia).

After spending lots of time trying to catch up on my journal, me and Lesley decided to do a spot of sunbathing by the pool (second time having the body out in a bikini! First time was by the hotel pool at Uluru!!!). Spent the whole hour sweating on the sun lounger… so hot! Think I got a wee bit of colour though!!

Tonight we decided to abuse the BBQ and have ourselves a wee feast. It was lush!!

Lesley’s cigarette packet had a creepy picture of an eye on it (images to try and prevent people from smoking…!), however we decided to tear it off and stick it to our faces for photos!! As you do!!

Tonight, I also packed my bag ready for us leaving tomorrow. Really don’t want to have to say bye to Alice Springs and of course Lesley :(.”


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