Adelaide Continued…


Journal Entry

5/12 – “Arrived at Adelaide at 7.30am. Feeling surprisingly awake even though I slept in the oddest of positions on the bus!! All curled up in the two seats I was on! Sleeping on buses sucks!!

We reached Hostel 109 again, at 8am and grabbed a much needed coffee.

We then headed off to Coles to get some muesli and yoghurt for breakfast. We finally managed to check in to our rooms after a long long wait at reception. While we waited, we over heard two girls had just booked a wine tour in the Barossa Valley for a reduced price – so we jumped at the chance and managed to get ourselves booked in too!!$75 instead of $95, yay!!

Most of the day – we just lazed around catching up on journals etc. really behind on the journal – bad!!

After we had yummy pesto pasta for tea, we retired to bed after our long day, it felt great to have an actual bed tonight instead of a bus seat!!”


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