Bluesfest begins…


I can’t say I was really that excited to attend the Blues Festival in Byron.

That’s probably not the best way to begin a blog on a music festival… especially a music festival that’s considered the most popular in the largest country in the world… and more so, the fact that it has been running for 21 solid years!

The truth was, when I scrolled over the line up for Bluesfest, I didn’t recognize as many names as I would have hoped.

Lame? Possibley. It goes to show how broad my music taste really is.

But I went with an open mind.

I was thankfully introduced to a variety of the acts that were attending the festival with the help of merely downloading a pile of tracks onto my ever trusty iPod. It was also helped that I was currently living in a van, meaning plenty of spare hours to throw the iPod into the van stereo and listen away to my heart’s content as we cruised along the various highways of the Australian East Coast.

It was actually Chris who was raving more over the festival. Having attended festivals like Reading and Glastonbury back at home, he had already witnessed many of the acts that were performing at Bluesfest. So near enough every day involved a little bit of Donovan Frankerieter here, or some John Butler Trio there, mixed around with some ALO.  As shameful as it is to admit, I hadn’t heard of any of these acts. I’m hanging my head in shame as I type this!

I’m now proud to tell you though, that I am now fully aware of these bands, and even though I may not have heard every single track for each band, I can safely say I know of them and their music… at least!

When April the 1st – Day No.1 – cropped up… (Rather too quickly for my liking as my travels fly by quicker than I imagined!) and after receiving our passes for the 5 day festival, we had the challenge of ticking off the acts we knew we came to see. Of course that was the easy part… we then looked through the program to find out which other acts looked worthy of checking out. I gave myself the simple mission of seeing what photos looked pretty cool, only then did I read what the acts over view sounded like!

The ones that stood out from the crowd were eMDee… the photo of a man blowing down 4 didgeridoos pretty much sealed the deal! We then had Hat Fitz… your typical tough Aussie with a beard that could probably keep you warm in the winter and a sexy Irish chick alongside… a combination and a half you could say!

After day one was over, I was so glad that I came. Some of the acts you find here, you certainly wouldn’t find anywhere else very easily. I think that’s the great thing about music festivals, you can stumble across some really impressive artists without even having to look hard, and it certainly broadens your view and taste on music.


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