Bluesfest – Day Two


Day 2 began not too well… mainly due to the lack of sleep I was getting. No sleep plus myself turns into a screaming moody mess!! Not a pretty sight for anyone to view I can tell you… but Bluesfest was still to be attended, so once a parking space was found for the van, we headed straight in to catch ALO on stage again.

ALO received a nicely timed early afternoon slot on the second day of the festival. Yet again, they didn’t fail to entertain myself and everyone else around me.

Chris had told me of a song, very comically titled “Girl I Wanna Lay You Down”. The lyrics never fail to make me chuckle. “You’re smooth and creamy like peanut butter” being a fine example!!

Later on in the day, after the typical lunch break of tuna and cream cheese sandwiches, it was back to the festival grounds, this time to catch Hat Fitz.

There was no plan to catch this act’s performance… it was merely down to the fact that the Apra tent they were playing in was near empty! So we figured we’d get straight to the front against the barriers to catch the next show.

It was possibley the best decision of the day.

Hat Fitz were immense.

You had the combination of a full grown typical Australian man who looked as though he wrestles gators in his spare time… just for fun! On the other side of the stage, you had a cute 50’s dressed lass fresh from daddy’s farmland.

It turned out that Hat Fitz, the man of the show on guitar was actually a lot more down to earth than you would have first thought… and Cara, the sexy woman of the set was one hell of a minx. Her performance on drums, along with her washboard/cowbells action was awesome. The energy and power this little woman had had, was mind blowing! Her voice was full of soul, and I reckon her Irish twang came through in her performance too.

Hat Fitz are possibley the surprise of the weekend for me. 🙂

A good few hours were to be spared till the next act we wanted to catch were due on stage, so it meant plenty free time to roam around the arena and catch some much needed rehydration-ism!

Which brings me to my random topic of the day -portaloos!

I can’t say I have the most experience with portaloos… thankfully (!) however; I have had a fair few bad experiences in the times I’ve had to come across them.

Infact, I do unfortunately recall the memory of catching the sight of what looked like an incredibly long snake in a portaloo on the final day of Rockness Festival. The smell wasn’t too appetizing either!

But I must say, the Bluesfest teams do an awesome job at keeping their toilets clean. I also love that the toilet cleaners are branded with “POO CREW” on their t-shirts, as if you couldn’t miss them!!

So, well done to the Poo Crew and Bluesfest for their immaculate cleanliness for our much needed loo’s! Thank you!!

After grabbing some more coffee from the Media tent to keep the energy levels as high as possible, it was back to the Mojo stage to catch the headliners for tonight – John Butler Trio. A band that I wasn’t even aware of last year! Over the last few months however I’ve been introduced to their awesome catchy tunes, one of my favourites “Used To Get High” has been a constant hit in the van! I was hyped to see these guys perform.

When the band came on stage, it felt as though the tent was lifted from the noise alone coming from the audience. The crowd even spilled out around the tent onto the surrounding grass areas, everyone wanted some John Butler action!

The set was immense. John Butler’s strumming skills on his guitars were out of this world. But by the end of the set, both John and bassist Byron Luiters had joined percussionist Nicky Bomba in a 10 minute eruption of pure drum banging. I think by this point every person in the crowd had their jaws hitting the muddy grounds in awe over the noise these guys were creating. The smiles on the band’s faces were a picture… they were having the time of their lives!

Couldn’t have asked for a better ending to Day Two 🙂


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