Bluesfest – Day Five


You may be wondering why I have failed to mention any of the night life in the campsite area at Bluesfest. I personally think you can’t really attend a festival and experience the full festival atmosphere without doing the whole campsite living for the entire event.

However, at 200 bucks for a campsite slot, we decided to keep our cash in our pockets and stay in our wee van! We have been cheeky enough to sleep in the van on various streets throughout Byron. I’m not going to say where, or how, considering the police were apparently on force to prevent festival goers from sleeping in their vehicles on the streets, but I think it’s safe to say we’re not the only ones who have done this during the festival!!

I think if we had stayed in the campsite during the 5 days, it would have felt like more of a festival for me, as opposed to a few random gigs spread over the Easter weekend. I do miss the whole festival vibe, and I’m wishing I had stayed over in the campsite, but of course, being the skint backpacker that I am, I didn’t really have a choice!

Back to day 5’s events however, arriving at the festival just after lunchtime, a good few hours were spent in the Media tent catching up on blogs and photo editing. After a good 2-3 hours of blogging, it felt as though we had wasted the day, you never know what bands you might come across when you least expect it!

When I did venture out to the arena, I reckon I was getting a coffee slump… after consuming three strong cups of the stuff in the tent, I caught a little piece of Angus & Julia Stone’s set… leaving not too long after due to feeling really monged out!

The music was lush, but I really wasn’t feeling sleepy slow tunes! I loved Angus’ crazy long fuzzy hair, and Julia was the perfect example of pure beauty, with her gorgeous long flowing hair, and soulful voice to match.

Straight after Angus & Julia were off stage, the energetic Gogol Bordello was to follow. The music was the complete opposite to that of the Stone siblings. As I said in yesterday’s blog… they were just complete nutters! They really put a smile on my face, and with the help of some good old fashioned ‘goon’ my spirits were picked up rapidly as the band blew out their tunage! I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of this band, definitely the kind of music to lift you up from sleepiness!!

The final act I wanted to check out tonight was Newton Faulkner. After seeing him previously on Saturday, I knew I wanted to see him again. I love his music. And certainly after watching Gogol Bordello, I needed some tunes to let me down gently for the end of the night!

Newton never failed to entertain me again, and I reckon the crowd agreed! I stayed around long enough to catch him doing some covers, like the theme tune from Ice Age and even Baywatch… a personal favourite of mine!

After his hit Dream Catch Me, I felt it was time to dash off… by now the hunger pangs were arriving and I needed some munch!!

We didn’t stay around to catch the final act on the Mojo Stage – The Fray – I personally think their music is ok, but I wasn’t really in the Fray mood!

Thankfully, due to the early departure, we missed all the lengthy queues we had to deal with in the last few days. Hooray!! A quick stop over at the bakery to grab some pastry goodness and it was back in the van on an anonymous street for some much needed sleep.  🙂


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