I’m halfway there…


6 Months/26 Weeks/182.5 Days/4380 Hours… in other words… the length of time I’ve have now been in Australia!! (Yes, I was sad enough to figure all that out!)

I left home on the 14th of October back in 2009, and after visiting Kuala Lumpur for a few days, I landed in Aus on October the 19th… meaning a whole 6 months of living in the Land Down Under.

This is the longest I’ve ever been away from the family, and well, the furthest I’ve ever been away from them too!

I’m what you could call… a stay-at-home-baby! I never lived away from home during my 3 years at college, and the only holidays I made were with the family to your average destinations in Europe and such like!

So personally, being all the way over here for this length of time is a pretty big step for me. It’s been tough though; with the odd case of homesickness, and often not being able to afford your typical essentials that I would buy at home. Tears of sadness have been shed, as well as tears of plenty of happiness. So I guess it all adds up to a nice neutral number!!

But all in all, I’ve met so many people, and done so many things that I would have never dreamt of doing back at home… and mostly wouldn’t have been possible back in Scotland (thanks to the icey cold weather, lack of beaches and box-able wine!!).

Looking back on my journal that I’ve kept since October last year and seeing all the random stuff I’ve got up to, makes me realize how much I’ve accomplished in such a short space of time. Right now, I’m updating my ‘Where I’ve Been’ article, and I’ve got a feeling I’ll be working on it for ages, cause there’s just so much to write up on!!

I still can’t believe I’ve been here half a year!!! It’s going by way too quickly for my liking! Before I know it, I’ll be home trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life! That thought scares the s**t out of me!!

So, after travelling a fair distance over Aus, and so far crossing 5 out of the 6 states in this huge country, visiting some odd yet amazing places, I’m now settled in the beautiful Byron Bay in New South Wales working for accommodation and trying to find myself a job that’ll give me some extra dollar to cover yet more of this place!

Here’s to the next 6 months… 🙂


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