Hostel Review :: Base Hostel St Kilda, Melbourne


Base in St Kilda boasts as being one of the best in Australia, and I probably would have to admit on most levels. Central in St Kilda, short tram journey into Melbourne CBD with its own bar.

I stayed for a good few weeks or so here and there, I experienced plenty of cleanliness in the reception and bar area on the ground level. There is also a tourist info/booking desk opposite reception alongside a dozen or so computers for Global Gossip. Downstairs you have the kitchen/dining area with a large plasma tv and sofas. The kitchen I was’nt too impressed with, as it was extremely small for the size of hostel and utensils were hard to come by!

The rooms on the other hand were pretty good. Cleaned everyday, and with your own en suite in every dorm, you can’t really complain. I didn’t find the bar too loud at night, but others begged to differ!

I did however find the bar extremely pricey. I’ve found other bars across Oz with much better deals for beers and such like. During happy hour, if I remember correctly was $4 a scooner, since then I’ve come across bars with $2.50 a scooner during happy hour! For a backpacker bar, I wasn’t overly impressed!

Cleanliness – 4/5

Facilities – 3/5

Atmosphere – 4/5

Value for Money – 3/5


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