Latest Update…


Well… I have to admit, I have been lacking on the blogging front recently. I don’t really have many excuses, but I’ll give you the ones that I feel are resonable for my laziness!!

Over the past week or so, I have been choc full of the cold… yup I have a cold in Australia… where they say it’s meant to be warm!! It is apparently winter, and despite most of the days here being sunny 20C+ days, the nights are getting rather too chilly for my liking!!

I have also recently (in the past fortnight) moved into our new home – Aquarius Hostel. After much moving around from our old home, moving to another hostel, then moving to this one, we have finally settled down and got ourselves lovely beds in Room 16 with all the other staff of this awesome hostel :). I now work 2 hours in the morning in the cafe next door, it’s great, I love it. No longer living in a van… yay!! However, as mentioned before, I obtained this lovely cold after living in the dorm for a couple of days! They do say, once one person gets something in this dorm… everyone else will soon enough!!

Also, if I haven’t mentioned it before to you all, I am now working for the local party bar/restuarant – Cheeky Monkeys. I’m one of the many promo guys/gals who grace the streets of Byron getting all you lovely backpackers into the bar and eating our lush grub! I work various days throughout the week, each day being a different theme. I’ll do a blog soon on my job there to tell you all about the shiningans that go on down there every night!

So obviously my Cheeky’s job is taking up some of my spare time… but of course the pay I get at the end of every week is more than worth it (it feels great to have an income again!!). I’m also now doing night promo too, in the chilly nights to get even more guys ‘n’ gals inside, so thats taking up plenty spare time too.

Busy busy girl!! Any spare time I do get, I usually retire back to bed for a nap after my cafe shift before heading off for my Cheeky’s shift, or I’m chilling out making some more bracelets for people! Thats another little something I’ve started doing now… trying to keep my creativity going and all!!

So yeah… very very busy!

On the plus side though, I have recently been speaking with the lovely Jayne from STA Travel Buzz, and I have now been accepted into the lovely blogging team over there. So hopefully you’ll be seeing me around there. It’ll also give me more motivation to get more blogs up on here and talk about whats happening in the world of Kerri!!

I have updated some stuff…:

I have now got to the end of my Groovy Grape tour through the red centre of Australia in my ‘Where I’ve Been’ Page. If you would like to read my whole journal of that tour, it runs from November 24th in Adelaide to November 30th in Kings Canyon.

I’m also going to work on a review of that tour. It was an awesome tour, so I reckon it deserves one!!

My Artwork is also up. I’m currently working on another painting along with everything else, I just need to master the ability of painting water and I’m good to go!!

Anyways, thats pretty much everything thats been happening recently! Oh and I cant forget the Aquarius Industry Party on Thursday where everyone came dressed as hippies!! Some of the outfits were amazing!! Shame I had to work that night, but it was still a great one!!

Hope everyone is well, and speak very soon xxx

Peace 🙂


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