Apple Stole My Boyfriend!


This blog is just a brief wording on how frustrating it can be to be with someone who loves everything Apple Inc. related!

I’m not denying it, Apple have some awesome products out there, and everything they seem to come up with is beyond impressive. But when your boyfriend is overly obsessed with everything that Apple does or even talks about, it can get really VERY irritating!

Chris is the very proud owner of an iPhone. Now, I must say, it’s an awesome phone, and I do want one (thanks to him telling me all about it!), but when your boyfriend has this piece of technology in his hands, there is a fair chance he will not hear you. It’s as though there’s some kind of transmission in the phone that tells him to switch off all hearing. I swear, if a car was coming towards Chris whilst being mesmerized by his phone, he wouldn’t have a hope in hell! You could say all manners of words towards him, and he wouldn’t have the foggiest what you were talking about. I bet if you were to say that you were about to strip naked for him, he still wouldn’t bat an eyelid!! I may actually try that sometime and report back to see if it’s true!

With all his millions of app’s that his iPhone can hold, Chris is completely content for a good half hour first thing in the morning. Instead of giving his girlfriend a nice hug or even as much as a kiss, he is checking his emails and seeing what’s the latest on Facebook, or better still… checking the iPhone blog… yawn!

Chris also owns the Macbook… something else I’d love to own, however I don’t have the money to buy one! He can easily spend all day on his Macbook, with the odd intake of his iPhone whenever it buzzes in his pocket! He has his own blog online which he updates as much as possible, and if he’s been out shooting photos, he’ll spend a good hour, if not more editing them. I suppose, I can’t deny that part, cause it’s his job. But often when I ask for a small favour for him to help me out with my new blog, it takes a good while for my words to transmit through his brain whilst on his laptop! I know a good thing or two about computers, but I’m totally new with all this blogging shenanigans, however, he ends up spending his time doing his own blog and not sparing a few minutes to give me a hand!

It doesn’t stop there! Chris has been going on and on about the soon to be released iPad and all its amazing-ness!! Every time he mentions wanting one, I tell him I want loads of things too and that he’s just got to wait! Plus it means one less thing that he’ll drool over that isn’t me!!!

And so, there goes my little rant over Apple products. I’m certainly not saying Apple products aren’t worth their weight in gold, I’m just warning anyone out there that if you buy someone an Apple product, there’s a fair chance their social skills in a face to face form will diminish!!

… and now I await the moment that Chris returns from his trip to Robina Shopping Mall with the elusive iPad in his hands and a great big gleaming smile across his face…


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  1. Yes well I am in the exact same position with mine, its Apple this and Apple that, he’s getting a MacBook Pro and on about a iPod Touch and I will never hear the end of it, even when he finally does get one because then he will go oon about their amazingness and awsomeness, leaving me with my Zen Creative and Compaq laptop lol…meh.

    It does make him happy though I suppose and he will be the one buying them out of his money so I can’t complain.

    Despite Apple products you sound like you having an amazing time over in Oz

    • Haha, so true, so true! It keeps the boys well entertained when there isn’t much else to do!
      It does make me often jealous, especially the iPhone, I SO badly want one… nd I’m forcing myself to wait out till the new one comes out… if I can afford it!!

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