Apple Stole My Boyfriend… The Revenge Of The iPad!!


So… Here was me thinking Apple couldn’t suck more out of my boyfriend’s brain… However I have been proved completly wrong!!

While I sit here in my hostel… I await the moment Chris returns from his “iPad Trip”… And I’m guessing that he will be smiling from ear to ear, and the one thing I will hear about all day long (or should I say… All week long) will be “iPad, iPad ,iPad, iPad”!!

For chris, getting the iPad is like winning the lottery! He is like a kid in a candy store when anything Apple is in front of him. He is on top of the world when Apple create something new, or gossip is spread on The iPhone Blog.

And now, the latest invention is now in his hands. He will be driving back to Byron right this second with his heart pounding in excitment for when he gets home to play with his new toy! I’m doomed!!

I may as well call myself single, or at least give myself the title of “that girl who used to date the curly haired dude… Until iPad robbed his heart”!! Cause, I’m betting that for a good while, I’ll come second to the iPad!

Who needs a woman when you have so many Apps to play with, right?! God help me!!!

Last night I was receiving texts from Chris telling me of his adventures. Bless him, I guess I could say I’m happy for him, but I’m counting my loses as to what’s gonna happen to me once he returns!! And it gets even better… Not only does he get first in line… thanks to him sleeping in the Robina Shopping Mall overnight… but he manages to get interviews with Channel 9 News, and numerous local radio stations!

Am I Ever Going To Hear The End Of It?!?!

I really shouldn’t complain, it keeps the boy entertained (for longer than I’d care for!), and it gives him something else to blog about on him website! In a way, I should really thank Apple for filling the little… or Massive gaps in his day to day life.

Apple, I thank you for that.

I’m sure the iPad is gonna be awesome, and more than likely, with everything else Chris owns – Apple wise – I’ll want one too. But I’m guessing if we were both to own an iPad, any forms of communication would be out the window!! (Although, Chris would just say Skype on the iPad is better!!).

Here’s to the peacefulness I’m currently enjoying, until the moment I hear the van pulling up in the car park of our hostel and Chris jumps out screaming like a little girl who just got her first Barbie!! I don’t think it’ll be me cuddled up with Chris in bed this evening… I reckon there will be some Chris/iPad spooning going on in the bunks tonight!!

Oh the joys!!

… I shall report back soon to let you all know how life is treating me following the vengeance of the iPad…!



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  1. Remind him that snuggling up to a hard sharp cornered iPad won’t be all that comfortable, on a plus note you should get a little peace and quiet in between hearing about Apple’s awsomeness 😀

    Personally I am sick to death about hearing about Apple, last I checked Apple was a fruit to be eaten not some technical thing.

    Refusing to get an iPhone as am Little Miss Text-a-lot and they are not that good for it 😀 x

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