Birthdays! … Part One


Well… the past week has been an awesome one… purely down to the fact that a few of us are reaching that point of adding another number to our ages!

Most people would look at their birthdays in horror, wishing the day would never come, or praying no one would be the wiser! However, the rest of us make the most of that one day that people celebrate you getting old!!

Two of those said people who drink their special number till the sun goes down I know very well…  the first being the other half – Chris who reached 23 on the 15th of June… and little old me (excuse the pun!) also reaching 23 a mere week later on the 22nd of June.

His Birthday…

My organization for present shopping didn’t quite go according to plan. I had a few ideas up my sleeve, but the date came around a lot faster than I had hoped! So I ended up doing the inevitable… rush around the day before buying pressie’s!

The Friday before his birthday – 4 days before the big day – I headed straight for his favourite shop – RipCurl. I knew exactly what I was going to buy him. I walked right through to the back of the store directly for the rash vests.

My main reason for buying him a rashie was purely down to the fact I accidently put his previous rashie in the wash and ruined it… my bad! So I knew I owed him one! In the past he had eyed up a particular one, which I also loved the look of, and thanks to the sales girl giving me a helpful hand, I had my first present bought!

The weekend however went by so fast, that by the time Sunday morning hit, I had literally no time to buy presents! Sunday was to be the Cheeky Monkeys Bar 10th Birthday Bash, and I was going to be in the bar helping out all day. The Monday would see me working until 4.30pm, giving me an hour (if that!) to buy his final presents! It didn’t help that it was a bank holiday too… making the day even shorter to shop!!

So as soon as my promo shift at Cheekys was over at 4.30 on Monday afternoon, I yet again headed for the shops of Byron Bay! First stop… Woolworths! Here, I grabbed a beast of a can of Red Bull and Snickers (for his pre and post surf snacks that he used to have at home!) and a much needed can of Lynx!

On my way out of Woolworths, the Bottle Shop caught my eye… here I bought something I knew would win over anything – Jack Daniels!! Score!! I then nipped into the local shops franticly thinking of something else I could give him. I just needed that last something to finish off the pressie’s!

It had to be done… another trip to RipCurl! Hey, they had a 30% off sale… how could I not?! My plan was to buy a tshirt, and be out of there ready to wrap the gifts… but I ended up leaving with an extra something – apparently the best pair of boxers any man will ever wear! (I soon discovered this was true!)

Yay! Birthday shopping a success!! I knew Chris would love all his presents; he is possibley the easiest person I have ever shopped for!! Thank you Chris!

Of course, the wasteful wrapping was the best bit. Each present was wrapped by itself… why have so many gifts bunged together in one when you can have loads to open?!

The following morning arrived, and we both got up early so that Chris could Skype his parents back at home on his birthday. But first things first – present time! As I predicted, and hoped for, Chris loved his pressie’s, however he did admit that my presents raised the bar for what he would buy me! Oh dear! I’m not the easiest person to buy for either!!

Chris then moved onto his parcels sent from his home in Devon from his family whilst he Skyped the parents. Many, many pairs of boxers were pulled out of the parcels! And even more chocolate… which we started on before we even had breakfast!!

The night of Chris’s birthday turned out as planned too.

Chris got wasted.

Well and truly.

So much so, that myself and another fellow Aqua Crew member – Louise – had to undress the boy and carry him to bed… in a top bunk!!

Happy Birthday Mr Stevens!


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