Birthdays! … Part Two


Our Birthday…

Having our birthdays exactly a week apart had to be celebrated! And who knows more about partying than Chris and the rest of the Aquarius Hostel crew?! Immediately I set the date… slap bang in the middle of our birthdays – Friday the 18th of June.

The planning for the joint birthday bash came around near the beginning of the month, when Chris gave Reefe and Ryan (fellow staff members of the Aqua Crew) the challenge of coming up with a theme for our birthday party in the bar.

The theme was set after a mere day… Toga Party! Sorted!!

With the date set and the theme picked, Chris then set about getting his brother to get a load of invites/posters made up for our neighbouring hostels. Josh, who was still at home in Devon at the time came up with an awesome creation a week before the party was ready to roll. Nice one!

The word was spread to everyone at Aquarius, and during his bus touting, Chris told all the fellow bus touts for the other hostels about the big party. The more people we told, the bigger the night got!

A few days before the party came around, almost everyone was talking about the Toga Party. In fact, so many people had ideas for their togas, and had loads of plans on how they would do theirs up. I however hadn’t even thought twice about it!!

On the day the party arrived, I thankfully found myself a sheet on my bed that would work perfectly, and a belt that I could use. After catching bar manager Chris picking some vine leaves from outside, I joined in and grabbed some that I could use on my toga! I was pretty much sorted!

The only thing I needed now was a head piece…

By chance, just the other day, I had bought a pineapple from Spar for 99c… Chris decided to pull off a couple of the stalks and shove them on a hair band… surprisingly it worked!! I managed to get him to create another for me, and we were finished… King and Queen of the Toga party!!

By the time 6pm hit, I had my hair all curled (which by about 2 hours later had almost completely flattened!), and ready to throw on my toga. Most of the guys went for the traditional toga look… with the over the shoulder idea..

I however, decided to go in a different direction. In fact, my toga looked more like a wedding dress!! With the long sheet wrapped round my boobs and tied at my back, I had a small belt wrapped in leaves around my waist, and draped the vines I picked from outside from the belt at the front. I felt like a little princess!

Everyone looked awesome in their togas and I was so pleased to see everyone had put in lots of effort :). Chris got his big fish eye lens camera ready for the night and we both headed downstairs just after 7pm, when the party had officially began… and entered the bar. Bar manager Chris did me proud! As we walked into the bar, the glass doors were lined with vine leaves and white drapes with a big sign declaring “Aquarius Toga Party”.

The rest of the bar was decorated all over. With plenty of drapes hanging from the ceiling, and enough vine leaves to fill a tree! It looked awesome! Even the bar staff were dressed to impress.

As I thought might have happened… a lot of people said I looked like a bride! I can’t imagine what Chris’s reaction must have been to hearing those comments! I did however have a lovely huge (clearly fake!) green ring on my finger… my middle finger to be precise… just in case anyone asked!

As the night went on, more drink was consumed. By 10pm, the place was filled with toga wearers. Yet more Jagerbombs were passed round, and Chris’s camera was there to catch it all! The photos from the evening are awesome! Over 1000 photos were taken from the whole night… some of which are questionable… but all of the photos are amazing :).

All 1000 photos are like a story in picture form of how the night went on. When a few of us gathered to check out the photos the next day, I think it’s safe to say we were laughing from the very first photo! All of them are hilarious!! At times like those, I love Chris’s camera!!

By the end of the Toga Party night, at around 3am, we all ended up in room 16 – otherwise known as the staff room. The plan for myself and Chris was to head off to bed, but instead we were joined by a few others who decided to make some noise in the next bed!! Shall I name names? Nah!!

I then headed downstairs to grab some much needed water so I didn’t wake up with a killer hangover… this is where I ended up finding the entire staff of Aquarius with a few extras roaming around the room and diving into beds!! It was like some bunk orgy blew up in room 16! I don’t even know what was happening… I was too content with drinking my pints of water!!

After a quick telling off from Quentin (the security guy from downstairs) about the noise we were making, we all retired to bed pretty rapidly for some much needed recovery sleep!!

The next morning, I woke up to find the floor of room 16 was a fine mess of white sheets, belts, shoes and plenty of empty glasses! That’s always a good sign of a great night out… Toga style!!


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