Birthdays! … Part Three


My Birthday…

Ever since Chris’s birthday had passed, I knew he had now one week to find something to get me for my birthday. I had absolutely no idea what he would get me… only cause I had no idea what to ask for! The poor bugger was left with not a clue in sight!!

All week he told me he still didn’t have anything for my birthday. Even the day before the big day, he still insisted that he didn’t know what to get me. Of course, this kind of bugged me a little… surely he would have a fair idea after living with me every day for 6 months?!

Of course, timed rather nicely before 22/06/10 came around, I was given another present… an unwelcome one at that… the cold. So full with a stuffy nose and sore throat, I really wasn’t feeling too good for turning 23. 😦

Lacking in energy and feeling really pissed off at getting this cold yet again, I was pretty upset when I headed to the beach with the boys for their surf. Thankfully Chris came around at the right moment to re-assure me that he did have my present already… in fact, he only had a few more to buy and he was all done!!

That certainly perked me up a lot! The thought of opening lovely pressie’s made me smile millions!! :). And more smiles came to my face on the afternoon of the eve of my birthday, after I visited the Post Office to find my parents parcel they sent me had arrived! YAY!! Perfectly timed, I headed back to the hostel armed with a massive square shaped blob duck taped to death courtesy of my dad!! Yipee!!

That night I Skyped mum and dad, and even had the joy of seeing the cat in our living room! Misty will always bring a smile to my face! I miss that cat so much!! It was great chatting to the folks again, it still baffles me that we can see each other on complete opposite sides of the world… I’m so old fashioned!!

After not such a good sleep thanks to this cold, I woke up just after 9 getting a birthday kiss from Chris :). I was then told to get dressed and head downstairs to open my presents. Woo!! I had my parents parcel sitting on the chair by me (it needed a whole chair to itself!), my auntie and uncles parcel on my lap, Chris’s parents and families parcel by my feet and lots of presents were handed over from Chris.

Oh my god.

So much to open!

First off, I opened Chris’s presents. Altogether I was given; threads to make my bracelets (a hobbie I’ve picked up in Byron that most people know of me for!), a pair of woolie gloves I had been eying up, a tshirt I had also mentioned I liked ages ago that he remembered, a bottle of Angostura Bitters so I could make my yummy Long Vodkas, a shirt I loved from RipCurl, and a gorgeous pair of beige Ripcurl boots. Lucky me!!

He certainly passed my expectations by miles! You did me proud boy! Thank you again :).

I then moved onto Chris’s family presents… again, I certainly didn’t expect to receive so much! Especially from people I have never officially met before… unless you consider Skype being an official place of meeting!! I received many, many chocolate treats in the form of Galaxy… perfect! As well as clothes and much needed pants! Thank you all! 🙂

It was then onto my auntie Julie and uncle Jockey’s gifts, all the way from Inverness, Scotland. I got a beautiful diary that I asked for, as my old one is gradually running out. Handy for all my doodles :). It was accompanied with a photo of the family, something I really wanted to my wall by my bed, and of course, sweeties!! Yum!

I then had the mission of getting into my parents gift. I had to use industrial sized scissors just to try and break the duck tape seal, and then fight my way through the masses of bubble wrap! If there’s anything my parents do well, its wrapping!! Again, I got waaaay more than I ever thought I’d receive.

Along with a few clothes I asked for, I got enough pants to stretch from one end of the dorm to the other! MUCH needed! Got more than enough Galaxy chocolate… everyone knows I love that stuff! As well as plenty of smelly products to beautify myself… something I haven’t done in a long time since being on the road!

So to everyone who sent, spent and treated me… I am so so thankful :). I was an extremely happy bunny on my birthday morning! Thank you!

After my usual shift in the café next door for my free accommodation at Aquarius, I then joined Chris as he treated himself to some new ink across the road at the Byron Bay Tattoo. I happily sat with Chris’s camera catching every moment. The stenciling of the ink… the first touch of the needle… the pain during the long lines of the design… the shading of the wave. In the end, the tattoo looked awesome.  To this day I am still helping him out with the Paw Paw cream to keep it perfect :).

Tonight turned out to be a rather messy one. Most of which I don’t really remember to be honest! It all began at Buddha Bar where myself, Chris, Nicole, Naz, Frank, Ally and Micha enjoyed the happy hour of $2.50 schooners.  As it was Naz, Micha and Frank’s last night, as well as my birthday there was plenty to celebrate!

The crawl then continued to Cheeky Monkeys, but not before we stopped over at a lovely wee restaurant for $5 pizza and $10 cocktails… good shout!

After the second Jagerbomb at Cheekys… things get a little hazy! However I do remember walking home with Chris by my side and suddenly hearing this rushing noise coming towards us. It didn’t take us long to discover that it was actually a downpour heading right our way… and it certainly didn’t sound like a small shower! So we ran for it!! Of course… being a drunk, I ended up laughing my head off at Chris constantly losing his flip flops in the rain and couldn’t run any further… resulting in the drowned rat look!!

A great day :).

Which ended even greater, thanks to having not a single hint of hangover the following morning!


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