Cold In Australia?!


Maybe I’m the only person who was under the false impression that Australia was forever a warm country.

Long hot summer days of beautiful sunshine, warm ocean waters, heat radiating off miles of sand on the glorious beaches, and endless days of wearing your favourite shorts and bikinis!

I blame Neighbours and their actors forever wearing summer clothing!

A lengthy list of clothes and accessories was made during the long countdown till I left Scotland heading for the Land Down Under. I had numerous amounts of strappy tops, little shorts, and more bikinis than I had pants!

A good litre of sunscream was packed away in a sealed bag along with mozzie repellant and a decent (yet cheap!) pair of sunglasses. I had everything I could possibley need for the hot, long days I was told all about from the very second I planned to travel around Oz.

Preparation was my game, and I had won!

Ironically the first item of clothing I bought before I even got on the flight in Stansted Airport was a pair of thick socks! But, they were just for keeping me cosy on the long flight… will I need them in Australia? Pffft never!!

My first stop off was in Kuala Lumpur, I had on; a tshirt, crop jeans, sandels and a jumper… boy did I not think that through! As soon as I stepped off that plane on the 15th of October last year, it felt like someone had turned on a million hairdryers… full blast… top heat… right towards me!!

Coming from the start of a Scottish winter to high 30C heat was not something I prepared myself for coming off that flight! But, fear not, I had all my summer clothes packed away ready to be worn – the prep paid off!!

Next stop – Melbourne, Australia.

Oh dear.

The tempreture was more like mid teens… if that. And with a lovely bitter wind to go with it, it was pretty tricky to even consider hitting the beach in my bikini!

The first month of my travels, I reckon I wore my hoodie (which I figured I’d use a lot less) almost everyday. And again, my next item of clothing I bought on my travels – a pair of leggings… to keep my legs warm! Who thought I should of taken my jeans?!

Preparation was my game… I had lost!

After a good month of living in the chilly Melbourne spring weather, the temp slowly creeped up and summer was in sight. But thankfully, I managed to escape that and dive right into the intense Outback heat just as summer was kicking right off!

The next 4-5 months were bliss. All that prep with my shorts and tiny tops paid off, and my suncream was used to its full potential! And for once, I was actually getting a tan that didn’t give me the lobster look!! Yipee!!

But unfortunately… as the saying goes – the world goes round. Meaning, the seasons have to change.


So as my family and friends enjoy their “hot” summer days back in Scotland, I am now living in the middle of a Byron Bay winter.

Unlike the gorgeous hot sunny days I enjoyed in Byron when I first arrived here (the days I imagined I would be living in…) I am now wearing as many layers as physically possible.

Almost everyday without fail – it rains. Just like the typical autumn days of home I used to enjoy… :(. I wake up every morning reaching straight for some warm clothing that I’ve had to purchase since being here, without even looking outside to see what the weather is like.

I’ve even accumulated two pairs of thick, warm, cosy Ugg boots, which I wear every single day… I never even think of wearing flip flops these days!! Oh and not forgetting my scarves, hat and gloves that are often part of my daily outfits!

Yup, it’s like being back at home!

But at the end of the day. I’m in Australia. I’m in Byron Bay, possibley the most beautiful part of Australia I’ve ever been too. I’m living happily as a backpacker, with free accommodation, a job, and free meals every single night… not forgetting my free bar tab down in the hostel bar!

I’m just giving any naive backpackers out there, who are perhaps like myself, who are heading for Australia around mid-June to mid September that it does actually get cold round here. Up north, towards the like of Cairns and Darwin, it does of course stay warm, but you have those big fat rain storms and thunder (which I would frankly prefer right now!).

Basically, draw a line right through the centre of Australia, from Western Aus, to Queensland… anything south of that line… you will need to take some warm clothing. Don’t hesitate to bring that extra jumper!

Remember, costs out here are much higher than home, so take those cosy socks, and hoodie you’ve been umm-ing and ahh-ing over. You don’t want to be spending your hard earned saved dollars on clothes that you have tucked away in your bedroom at home!!  In other words… don’t do what I did!

…Bring on the summer!!


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  1. Yes I had this image of Cyprus being shorts and vest top weather all year…then it hit December and I froze…

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