Lazy Bum … That Is Me!


Well, here I go again giving you all a reason as to why I’m so behind on my blogs…

Well the main reason is due to the fact that getting internet time is often either tricky or pricey… in my case it’s the latter of the two!

I’ve had my most recent blog (All about the things I miss from home!) typed up and ready to throw on my web page for almost a week now, but getting round to actually buying internet time is always the hardest part!

I have finally been given much awaited extra shifts at Cheekys as I’m in need of the extra cash… big time! And any other free time is trying to get rid of this cold that I’ve collected… AGAIN!!

Being in this staff room in Aquarius is throwing my immune system down the pan… 😦 This time last month it was my birthday, and yet again I had a cold at the exact same time! Typical!!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my latest blog. I’m thinking my next one with be on what I “Don’t” miss from home, and tell you all what I’m truely grateful for being here in beautiful Byron Bay 🙂

Speak again soon… (on time, mind you!)



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