Things I Miss From Home…


My curly boy, Chris, made his Top Ten Tuesday blog a couple of weeks ago on what he misses from home. And it made me wonder what I miss… needless to say, I can however think of much more than ten!!

My main “Miss” that always crosses my mind, usually on a daily basis has to be Supermarkets! Good old Asda or Tesco’s was always somewhere I visited every week for my shop. And the great thing about UK supermarkets, is that you can get everything in one place! None of this separate bottle shop business, everything is under one roof just where I like it!

Better still… Costs. Anyone who has said that Australia is fairly cheap in comparison to the UK must be either extremely rich, or completely niave to the exchange rates! When I left the UK, the exchange from the pound to AUS$ was 1.7. A far cry from the $2.8 to the pound that my cousin experienced over 3 years ago!! Dam you recession!!

Galaxy chocolate just has to be on my list too! Australia cannot do chocolate. Fact. Even their soap named (‘Dove’… what the…?!!) version of Galaxy can’t come close to the original. Maybe I want chocolate that melts easily in the warm summer days… it makes me want to eat it faster! I’ve had to send home requests of my favourite choc, purely cause it just isn’t the same out here… shame :(.

Again, with the mention of costs… I miss treating myself to nice Smellies. For those of you who don’t know what I mean by the term “smellies”. I’m talking about those cute wee bottles of fruit flavoured shower gels, and perfumed soaps that make you smell like heaven. Anything from deodorant to shampoo, to body creams… it all costs so much… so it’s down to good old Woolworths Home Brand version! (Or in my case, request for some for my birthday from mum… she did me proud! 🙂 ).

My own room is next up on the list. A room that has only my stuff cluttering the shelves, and lets me have all the space I want. My room at home is lovely and big, with my lush double bed smack bang in the middle. Even if it is a mess, it’s my own mess… so it doesn’t bother me so much. Living in a room now, with 7 other boys turns the word “mess” into a whole new meaning!!

As mentioned just earlier, the Double Bed is a major miss! I love being able to spread out in my bed! Who doesn’t?! Having the double bed lets me reach right out without even my feet sticking out the end… being 6ft tall does pose quite the problem from time to time in a single bunk bed! And don’t even get me started on trying to share a bed with someone… I’m sure you can imagine!

Now that I’m settled in my home at Aquarius Backpackers, I’ve been enjoying some films and old tv shows. But I certainly miss having a TV that I can just throw on and sit infront of whenever I feel like it. Having a big old comfy sofa to park my booty on and being able to flick through the endless boring daytime tv is actually something I’d quite enjoy right now! The likes of This Morning, Loose Women, and the numerous channels to choose from on Sky Tv… ahh those were the days!!

He has to be mentioned, seeing as he is my baby… Misty! He is my cat, and I love him and miss him so much! Of course, I do miss the family too!! But Misty, no matter how annoying he is; constantly being at your feet, running up to you when you’ve just opened a can of tuna, meowing till your ears are aching for food… only for him to take one bite and walk away… I still miss him every day!

Even though it would be pretty pointless to have one here in Byron… especially being such a small town and everything is in walking distance… I do miss my Car. I still remember the first day I passed my test and driving out on my own, that whole sense of freedom… being able to go where ever I feel like it, and only the cost of fuel being in my way!! At least in Byron I wouldn’t have to worry about driving on the black ice that is scaringly common in the north east of Scotland!

It bugs me every day, whenever I just want to have a quick check of my emails, or see what everyone is up to on that annoying website Facebook. Broadband… paid for and easily accessible. No matter where I go in my house, the wireless always works, and I wouldn’t have to think about paying for the odd hour here or there and thinking of what I need to get done in that space of time!

Which brings me onto my next “miss” – my Laptop. Albeit, I do have one sitting on my lap right now, but it’s one of those teeny notebooks. I miss my big one at home!! I literally used that laptop every single day, without fail, and it was perfect. I do wonder why I didn’t bring it out with me cause it would of saved me buying this petty one from Malaysia!

As usuall… my tummy has started to think of food all over again… so I may as well mention something that I used to be surrounded by everyday when I was at work back at home. Marks & Spencer food!! I don’t know what they do… but whatever it is, their food is amazing! Even ready made meals taste like home cooked food. How do they do it? I don’t care. M&S food is yum. I wish I had my 20% discount back :(.

Ooooh kind of on the same subject… I miss being able to buy a real nice bottle of Rose Wine and it not costing me a whole days worth of pay! After my last shift of the week at M&S I would head straight for Tesco’s and buy a 5pound bottle of Aussie rose and enjoy it in front of the tv that evening. Bliss!!

Well I think I’ve pretty much covered most of the stuff that crosses my mind when I want things from home! I could probably go on forever, but I’d end up driving myself crazy and want to go home for it all! Not just yet… I’m still pretty damn happy in Oz. This place has everything I need… just a little bit costlier, and without a few things here and there! But it makes up for it all with it just being Byron Bay :).

At the end of the day, I’m still in Byron, New South Wales, Australia… and I love it here. In fact, I think that will be the subject of my blog – Things I Don’t Miss From Home – perhaps?!


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  2. No Galaxy? OMG I would die, come to Cyprus we have Galaxy of all varieties, ok yes it does have to be kept in the fridge but the sam as the UK 🙂

  3. Yup, no Galaxy!! I hate it!
    Aus does have a version, called Dove (why?!) but it tastes poo, and nothing like the stuff from home! Lame!!
    I want to go back to Cyprus, I loved it there! xx

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