Things I’m Grateful For


My last blog was written on the things i miss the most from home. Since then i have remembered another ‘miss’!!

Quorn meat in the uk! The best invention for veggies! Love the stuff! But thankfully I’ve only just discovered today that Australia does actually stock this wonderful stuff!
According to my local Woolworths I can find Quorn in the freezer section…. Woo!! So not really a miss anymore, I’ll be heading down to the shops for it tomorrow!

Anyways, back to today’s blog….

One of my brief, yet close friends i made here in Byron – Michele – suggested I write a blog on what I’m grateful for in life. And when i sat down to think of it, there are so many things i am grateful for, but never really took the time out to think about

So here is my collection of gratefulness, and the reason why I feel they/it is so important to my life 🙂 .

Firstly, it has to be the parents.
When I first decided to go to Oz, it was very much a rash decision. I had just been accepted into the Uni, without any problems and had another 4 years of studying to do to in order to receive my degree in fashion design. Who in the right mind would turn that down?!
Unfortunately it was me! Over the summer I thought about traveling to Oz everyday, and the initial plan was to study then take a gap year… Easy peasy. But, like a kid in a candy store, i couldn’t wait any longer but to bite right into the first sweet… I.e. Quit Uni and work my arse off then head over to the other side of the world!!
To start with, i don’t think my parents were overly happy that I turned down a perfectly good opportunity at Uni. Sorry mum and dad! But, i knew my heart wasn’t in it anymore… I wanted to see the world!! I think i finally got the parents round to the idea…
And for that, i want to thank them for standing by my decision and letting me do what i wanted. I know i was stupid to drop out of Uni…. More than stupid. But thank you to mum and dad for letting me be the stupid one and fly across the globe!! I love you both!!

Staying on the theme of people here, someone who i met out here in Aus actually.
When i was down in Melbourne, not knowing what to do or where to go next in my travels, i thankfully met Linda. As soon as i started chatting to this girl over our free morning pancakes back in Habitat HQ Hostel in St Kilda Melbourne, I knew I’d see more of her… And we did!
A good solid month and a half of travelling together, and if it wasn’t for Linda i probably wouldn’t have been, let alone heard, of many of the places i have been to in Australia.
She wanted to hit u p the red cent, and it was something I definitely wanted to experience. Our tour up through the outback was possibly one of the best weeks I’ve had in Australia since I landed back in October.
Following our trip up to Alice Springs, we headed back to Adelaide, and with her helpful Lonely Planet guide, we discovered places i had never even thought of checking out.
One of my highlights has to be when we visited Halls Gap in Victoria, surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and spikey mountains we trekked through the forests, saw awesome waterfalls, and amazing views from the pinacels. And I can’t forget our tasty meal in the local restaurant as our treat.
Just thinking of all the stuff we did as I sit here, I honestly wouldn’t of done all the things we did if it wasn’t for that girl. Thank you Linda! We’ll meet up when i get home and we will enjoy my mums curry as well as my homemade custard creams!! 🙂

Third up has to be a roof over my head.
Whether it was back at home, living with my parents for extremely cheap accommodation or living over here in Oz, with the money i saved from work at home, to my free accommodation in Aquarius is beautiful Byron.
All of which I’m grateful I have. At home, I paid pennies for what I got. A lovely cosy house with my mum and dad, pet cat, my own room, continuously filled fridge, a warm bed, tv, Internet. I could go on! It was all there, and I had everything I could ask for and more! Again, this is all down to having such awesome parents 🙂
Then ive got all the various hostels ive stayed in across Australia. Albeit some of the places i lived were a little shocking and certainly not what the brochure described! (take Coffee Palace in Melbourne as an example!). But more often than not I lived in some perfect places, and in destinations I didn’t imagine I’d stay in!
And of course, now I’m living in my current home from home – Aquarius. Ok, the staff room does tend to be a dump at the best of times, but that’s only a minor problem I suppose! And forgetting the fact that I’ve been run down with various colds from living in the staff dorm, at least I still have my health… To a certain extent!! I still have a warm bed, a dry room and of course I’ve met some lovely people here too 🙂

Travelling has to be my next one. My parents told me I was so lucky to have the opportunity to do this, and since being out here, and seeing all the stuff I’ve seen I really am lucky. Some people just never get the chance, or never consider travelling till they are in the position that they can no longer be free to do so.
Since being out in Australia, it’s opened my mind to all the other places in the world that I want to explore. Even just being in Kuala Lumpur for the few days stop over I had before entering Oz, it made me want to set foot back in South East Asia. So much culture and diversity – a definate must do before I get old!!
Plus travelling has really made me think upon what I want to do with my life. Still a major of mine! I have considered, reconsidered, ummm-ed and ahh-ed over so many possibilities. Fingers crossed I find my nishe before my brain implodes!! If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to let me know, cause I’m struggling here!

Something else I’m thankful for… And this I’m touching the technology aide of things – Skype!
Whoever invented this is a genius! I didn’t use it all for a good 6 months before finally getting round to discovering it’s wonderfulness! Getting to see mum and dad at home is awesome, and I didn’t realize I’d miss actually seeing home so much!
Getting to chat to the parents in real time, not via some postcard, or email, or a bad connection over the phone! Plus it’s so cheap! All I need to do is pay for the so many hours I plan to gossip on and on with mum for the Internet time and I’m sorted! I know exactly how much time I have to speak to her, and I
Just getting to see her is great fun. I sure do miss my chats with mum 🙂

I guess I’ll just have to put this one in, only cause he’ll ask why he wasn’t mentioned! Haha! Chris has to come in on here :).
If it wasn’t for meeting him in Sydney back at Xmas time last year, I wouldn’t of had such an awesome 2 weeks over Xmas and NYE, and I wouldn’t have travelled in a van for over 4 months, seen all the little places we visited on the way to here and there along the east coast, and i certainly wouldn’t be in Byron right now.
How that boy puts up with me, my frequent grumpiness, my random outbursts, my weirdness… And shamefully my farts!! Haha I will never know! I guess he’s just as bad as me, minus the mood swings… I’m a girl what can I do?!
We have had some pretty eventful weeks in our travels together; from skinny dipping in Byron, to camp fires on a deserted beach, to illegally overnight parking on many a residential street, to being kicked out of not one, but two accommodation jobs! Oops!! And somehow we have not yet got to the point of wanting to kill each other!
Cheers for picking me you curly headed boy!

I’m sure there are plenty more things I could come up with… Infact I know there are, but this blog has gone on long enough for now! I might just do a two parter for later!
In the meantime, I’ve got to say all this thinking of what I’m grateful for really made me stop and look at all what I’ve done.

It’s been a pretty hectic week for me in Byron, all of which I’ll tell you about soon… Once things get sorted out! But as I say… I’ve got my health, my family, my friends, oh and that curly boy I talked of so it can’t be too bad!

What about the things you are all grateful for?


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  1. I am grateful for nearly 2 years in Cyprus and my amazing family and friends helping and supporting my move back in the next few weeks x

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