Songs Of My Travels


Everyone has songs that remind them of moments in life. I’ve got tunes that remind me of my days at college with my girls from home, who i miss so much. When you hear those tunes they jog your memory of sad times, fun times, hilarious times. Whatever it is, music is amazing when it comes to memories…

I got my iPod out tonight, for the first time in ages (cause I lost my earphones!), and made me think what tunes remind me of my travels since October last year. I’ve got a fair few, mostly reminding me of my long trips in the Campervan since January! So here goes…

“Used To Get High” – John Butler Trio

This song has to be the most popular played song in Leslie (the campervan!). Almost everyday on the road, chris would throw this one on to keep him alive and awake whilst he was driving! It will always remind me of us jumping up and down in our seats as we braved the lengthy roads ahead of us. My favourite memory is when we were hitting the long bendy roads on the coastal route on the way up from Sydney… Clear blue skies, lakes on one side, hills on the other and five of us squeezed inside the van with the windows wound right down… Oh yes 🙂

“Sex On Fire” – Kings Of Leon

This song purely has to go in cause it reminds me of summer back at home just before i left for Aus. It was played on Radio 1 constantly all throw summer right through till October when i left. I loved it from the second i heard it, and it was the perfect track to hear as i was driving home from my many shifts at work that I did to save my money for my trip! My favourite memories of this track… Either after my long 6 day week at work, with 3 days off ahead of me for the weekend, I would head straight for Tesco’s to buy a bottle of Oz rose, and this track would perfectly gear me up for a good night! or when my parents were away on holiday I’d have this tune up loud and I’d dance around the house like a true nutter!!

“Maria” – Animal Liberation Orchestra

This is another popular track of the Campervan. I had never heard of ALO before I came to Oz, infact Ive been introduced to a fair amount of bands, who have been around for a few years, but i never really heard their music! Wish I knew of some of them before!!
I was lucky enough to catch ALO live at Bluesfest back in April – they were awesome. Just like John Butler Trio did, they really got the crowd going, and they had that essense of humour about them, probably thanks to Zac’s cheeky smile that never left his face for the whole set!

“Music” – Beautiful Girls

Yet again, another Campervan hit! And yet again, another band i had never heard of before I came to Australia. I’m now a big lover of TBG. So much so, that i painted something for them to sign… Success!
Their chilled out album Learn Yourself was a massive hit in the van, purely to keep us going through the lengthy drives!

“Sly” – The Cat Empire

A band i cannot wait to see!! They are hitting Byron at the end of the month, and a bunch of us are heading over to the Beach Hotel to catch them in the act… Gonna be an awesome night!
This is just one of the many songs that reminds me of Aus. This was often used frequently to wake Chris up when he was nodding off at the wheel!! It always gets me in a party mood… The beat can get anyone on their feet wanting to boogy… That’s gonna be us lot in a months time!!

“Free” – Donovan Frankenreiter & Jack Johnson

This guy has a gorgeous voice. I caught part of his set at Bluesfest, and got to catch him playing alongside Jack Johnson also. This song has the best of both men! This song reminds me of the chilled out nights sitting by the van, after having some good old noodles and enjoying that goon! This song reminds me of the many sunsets I’ve seen across Australia actually. I’ve seen quite a few seeing as they’re my favourite thing and this song fits it perfectly!

“Caroline” – John Butler Trio

A beautiful song. John Butler is possibly one of my favourite artists. I’ve seen him live, so i can back up my opinion quite nicely! But this song… The way it builds up, and Butlers soft voice… So relaxing and easy to smile to 🙂
This particular song reminds me of when I was in Byron, running out of money and wondering what I’d do if I had to leave this beautiful little town. It’s not the kind of song to make you feel like jumping out of your seat to do something, but the way it builds up, personally it makes me feel like opening my eyes and thinking… I can do this. Just what I needed.

“UFO” – Newton Faulkner

Another man I saw strumming away at Bluesfest on stage.
This particular track reminds me of when a bunch of us hit the Great Ocean Road. All of us squeezed inside the van going from iPod to iPod and seeing what would lift our spirits to keep us awake on the extremely bendy roads round the coast! This was just one of them! It’s so bouncy… Nothing else really needs to be said!!

Flight Of The Concords Tracks

In general, a bunch of songs have popped up on my travels especially Business Time – a classic! But just a few of the FotC tracks with forever remind me of the many hours I spent on the tour bus up through the Outback with Linda. Our tour guide Rob had a fair selection of music on his iPod, and to keep up all entertained these comedians would often crop up in the playlist!!

“July” – Natty

Natty is another act I had never heard of before Oz… I lll admit that now! What can i say, I’m pretty naive to all this music jazz!!
This is another track that reminds me of Byron Bay. Back in February when the sun was glorious, Natty was played pretty much everyday. His music has got that summer vibe to it, and it’ll always bring back memories of chilling by the van with the music playing in the campsites. Lovely memories 🙂

“Reggae Got Soul” Surfs Up Soundtrack

This is my ultimate Byron Bay song. I have the image still imprinted fresh in my mind like it just happened yesterday.
I had just rocked up in the van with the others into Byron, this was our first entering of this little mysterious town. I was so excited to get here, I just knew it would be an awesome place.
This particular song just happened to be on our stereo as we drove up the high street, the sun was beaming down on everything around us, the place was buzzing with backpackers like ourselves, and locals of the normal and crazy kind. This song fitted the moment perfectly. Its upbeat, and always makes me smile…. It will forever be my Byron song. Byron’s Got Soul!

Well there we have it… My travel tunes! A fair mix there, I’ve been listening to all the tracks continuously on repeat as I’ve been typing this! Especially Reggae Got Soul!!


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