Business As Usual…


Since being here in Australia, I’ve always wanted to rekindle the art in me.
At college I was constantly doodling here and there, coming up with new ideas, but ever since I left college… Full time work kicked in, and my travelling plans took over my creative edge.

So when i hit up Byron, a place of talent in all shapes and sizes, i wanted to jump on that band wagon and get my creative juices flowing all over again.

So I grabbed enough canvas to cover a small garden patch, and painted to my hearts content.

One of my favorite paintings is of Chris’s little brother Josh doing what he loves best – surf. I like to think it’s got a slight aboriginal edge to it with the vibrant colours and infamous polka dots throughout.

And today… Just as the man himself left for the uk, after being in Australia for 7 weeks, he decided to buy the painting.

So, of course, I had to share that i have now officially sold my first painting!!

Thanks for the inspiration… And being my first paying customer Josh! Byron and Aquarius is missing you already 🙂


Click the link below to have a look at the painting 🙂

Arty Farty


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