The last few weeks…


This weeks post is mainly on whats been happening recently in the world of Kez.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic, with a number of very eventful things happening in my life…

Planning what to do after Oz,

Chris’s little brother Josh leaving us for the UK,

Being unemployed,

Job hunting,

Stressing out over job hunting,

And general wonderment on what a girl is to do in Byron with no said job!!

I’ll update you all on my plans in greater detail once the actual plans after Oz are finalized!! I have many an option to choose from, and unfortunately it all boils down to the dollar I have in my pocket!


New Zealand?

South East Asia??

Whats a girl to do?!!

I’ll discuss this whole “Holy crap I havent the foggiest idea where the hell to go and what to do” situation in another blog in the near future!!

Of course… the whole job situation… or should I say lack of it causes a little bit of a hic up in the whole plan after Oz part!!

I recently got “fired” (fired meaning I’m taken off the roster and not officially informed I’m no longer employed!) from Cheeky Monkeys bar in Byron. Ok to be fair, I wasn’t particularly enjoying my job… promo just doesn’t do it for me, but it was money after all! Who is gonna turn it down?! But, not to get into too much detail here… I didn’t feel like i was being treated the way I should. Ok, yeah, I’m a backpacker… but I still have a heart and feelings in there somewhere – don’t shout at them thanks!!

Well…. moving swiftly on!

I now have the challenge of finding myself a job, with only 2 months left on my visa… which I can tell you now doesn’t look great on a resume! Who wants someone who is only here for another good few weeks when they can get someone who lives here permenantly?! Dammit!!

So, I’ve resorted myself to he possibility of getting some farm work at the local macadamia farm… something Byron is famous for?! So nut picking it is! It’s money in the pocket for whatever may come next!!

But my other fall back is where my artistic side comes in.

As you may have previously seen, I had sold my painting ‘Sunset Spray’ to Josh. Woohoo! It made me think… I have all these paintings… I should sell them. Whether it’s lots of money, or just a little… it’s something! Plus it means something less to carry around with me when I leave!

Alongside my paintings, I’ve started sketching too. I recently updated a photo of my newest sketch onto my twitter (@kezisms) and as soon as I had finished the last line of pencil… it was sold!! So it’s geared me up to draw more… which is why I’ve been hunting for some lovely images of various animals for me to doodle away with…

My next mission is to get on the streets of Byron and sell my art! Wish me luck!

Not only will I be selling art, but I’ve also got a little jewelry making workshop going on too… bracelets, earrings, necklaces… all hand made by myself at low prices! So if the whole farm work falls through, I have my talent to pay me through my decision!!

Heres hoping guys!! Wish me luck when I grace the streets tomorrow (Sunday) to get my stuff on show!! Pray that everyone wants to spend lots!!

xx 🙂


About Kez

A tall Scottish girl who loves art, interior design and all things handmade. {.slowly creating my way through life one inspiration at a time.}

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