On The Streets Of Byron…


As mentioned in my previous blog, I was saying how I was off to grace the streets of Byron in order to get myself some dollar!

But not in your typical sense of course…

In true Byron style – with a dash of talent and eagerness – I hit the streets trying to sell off some of my artwork and bracelets I make in my own time!

I was rather nervous, but thankfully I had my friend (I met in Byron well over a few months ago) – Kym by my side! Being the girl who taught me the ways of creating said bracelets, we parked ourselves in a nice wee spot on the grass by the pavement armed with a six pack of beer and enough threads and beads to keep us going for a life time!!

At first, our chosen grassy spot proved a little too windy on this glorious sunny Sunday afternoon. And with my canvas being weighed down by only a couple of shells… We needed to rethink our grassy patch!!

So a few feet away we found ourselves a nice area where we could prop our goodies up against the Byron Environment podium thingamajig! Done!

The wind was still causing quite the problem, but we were determined not to let it ruin our fun – never!! I carefully placed a few of my canvas out on the grass, this time weighed down by anything and everything at arms reach! Alongside them were my bracelets and a few earrings I had rustled up myself too… All handmade of course!

The first beer was opened, and before we knew it, we already had attention… Although our first visitor turned out to be our neighbour busker who fancied checking out what we were up to :).

Jeol immediately noticed one of my paintings I had done of The Pass (a section of surf – very popular in Byron), he knew straight away that it was The Pass that I had painted. I was so happy to see that he knew it straight off!

Since that first notice, I have had a load of other people recognise that particular painting, and I love that the locals, as well as tourists can see it being so familiar!!

Jeol knew a fair few people in town already – being a local – and it turned out be very handy having him by our side, because soon enough he attracted our first official customer!!

Kym sold two bracelets, and I sold one – woo!! It did however result in me having to run across to the newsagent to get change… Something we weren’t prepared for (stupidly!).

Not long afterwards I had great interest in another of my paintings ‘Look Up’. The man didn’t however buy the piece, but he said he would be coming along to the Aquarius Open Mic night on Thursday, and if he saw me there, he would buy it! Better show my face in the bar that night!!

Even though we didn’t sell anymore of our stuff I did have an awesome day and met some real cool people. Including Katie who had a beautiful voice, and sang alongside us while we did our creativeness for the day. And Adam, possibly the most chilled guy you’ll meet, and who doesn’t like belts, so will wear a shoestring as one instead!!

The following day – Monday – myself and Kym this time decided to sit on the grass right by the beach. Thankfully the wind had died down more than enough for us to have the canvases out and not worry too much about having to chase after them!

Like Sunday, as soon as our stuff was out we attracted the attention! It felt awesome! Infact one of the first few people I had look over my paintings gave alot of interest towards ‘Day,Sunset and Night’. After asking how much I was selling these particular one’s for, she said she would return to see if we could negotiate!

Dun dun dunnn!!

After reconsidering, I figured, for the size of paintings, and how long they took for me to do, the price she offered wasn’t half bad. Plus it was much better than nothing! I was so relieved when she returned and said she would buy them. My first official artwork sale on Byron streets!!

So that’s the latest in my unemployed state! It’s tough, and I’m certainly not making as much as i would like to. But at the end of the day, if I wasn’t out in there with my creativeness, I’d be stuck back at the hostel not making a dollar!


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