Oh What A Pickle!


Well… For anyone who does happen to follow my blog, you will have noticed that there’s been a fair lack of blogging in the past week or two.

It’s been a pretty hectic couple of weeks for myself. With decision making, planning, ummm-ing and ahhh-ing, questioning… Basically a whole load of not knowing what the buggery I’m going to do.

To do with what you ask?

Well if you have to ask that, then you haven’t been following my Twitter, or Facebook!!

The question that’s been running round and round my brain a hell of a lot recently has been the big question that tends to hit most people when their time of travelling is coming to an end… And if they’re anything like me – they don’t have a flight booked home yet…

What do I do after Australia???

I have had so many options fly through my head and I’m still to find a conclusion!

Oh crap!!

It’s gone from… “I’ve still got another 3 months left, and my job is still giving me plenty money so i can save for whatever is next…”

To… “I’ve only got a month and a half left in Australia with no job to save any kind of cash. Oh shit.” (sorry for the language mum!)

I think it’s now come to the point where I’ve really got to think about me. What I want, not what other people want.

I’d love to hit up New Zealand, but I doubt very much that my cash can stretch that far. I’d need to buy a visa, a flight, find out where to live, find a job. Oh my god!! I’m stressing about it already!!

I’d love, love, LOVE to stay here in Australia. Especially here in Byron. I love this place, and i feel it’s my second home now. But maybe it’s time to go and see new things? But what if I’m not ready? But what if i don’t have a choice?

Damn you Australian visas!!!

I’ve also got the option of heading home and researching into other places to go to… Save for that and get on the next plane I can get my hands on. But home will be oh so cold, and my only real reason I’d want to go home would be to see my family who I do miss so, so much.

But after a few weeks of seeing everyone and spending most of my free time with mum catching up over our cups of tea, I’d want to go see more of the world!!

Oh bums.

So as you can see, my head is spinning wildly without me even trying to guide it along. Nope, it’s just happily flying round and round the roundabout with no sign of braking… Until I finally find a route on which it can take.

Till then, it’s gonna keep whizzing… Try sleeping with that!!!

Oh and I’m STILL to catch up on this journal that’s fallen behind over the past week or so…. Ahhh!! So much to deal with!!

So as you can see, this is my rather large and over whelming dilemma that’s taking over my life, and is currently putting everything else to a stand still… Including this blog! 😦

Hopefully I’ll have an answer of some kind very soon, so i can make the most of my final month or so in Oz, and I can look forward to the future 🙂



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