It’s September Already??


Wait a second.

August has already finished??

It’s September? That means my Aussie visa runs out next month!!

Oh crap…

Well as the old saying goes… time flies by. And boy it really has.

I used to think my memory was really lame, but I could probably pin point the exact thing I was doing this time last year.

Infact I could probably go through the moments of me checking in for my flight way back on the 14th of October last year as I left Aberdeen for my trip of a lifetime.

I still remember tiny little memories that would never even cross my mind if I were at home

I can go through each day of my week long trip I did through the Red Centre.

Now, this isn’t because all those moments are so significant (of course they are!), it’s more the fact that it feels like I left home just the other month.

But here I am now looking at my journal seeing that the date is Sept 9 ’10.

The last 300 odd days or so have flown by so quickly. And to think of when I was at home counting down each and every single day till the moment I left to fly over to Australia!

Now, those days – typically – would slowly float by like a cloud on a calm day… of course they did! I had so many plans and so much to look forward to, the days leading up to this big event is bound to seem to take forever!

But now that I’m living the dream… the days choose to motor on past me without a care in the world!

Now I have the prospect of leaving Australia. The place I had dreamt of for so so long.

It’s going to be a hard one to leave this amazing country.

I’ve seen it from all angles; roughing it through the red dust of the Outback, Enjoying the luxury of my own personal pool in numerous hostels and campsites, Surrounding myself with endless towers of concrete in the various cities across this mass space of land, and Living inside what can only be described as a box with wheels for 4 months across hundreds and thousands of kilometres.

It’s been a great journey… albeit a very quick one, but I’ve enjoyed every second of it.

Another month to go now, and this girl will be saying the ever popular words when anyone is travelling…

“It’s not ‘Goodbye’, it’s ‘I’ll See You Later'”



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