The Final Week : 7 Days To Go…


Well the day has finally arrived…

I now have 7 whole days, one measly week left living in Byron Bay. The place that has been my home over the past 6 months or so.

So, I’m thinking, for each day up until I leave, I’m gonna look back on all the stuff I’ve got up to in this beautiful town and reminisce 🙂

7 days… 7 memories… 1 awesome adventure.

My first of seven memories I’ve got of Byron has to be the one thing you must do before you die…

Skinny Dipping!!!

This was way back when I first graced the streets of Byron in February.

After staying in various campsites across town, as well as the infamous Arts Factory. Myself and Chris met an awesome couple – Ben and Sammy – who told us about a much cheaper campsite just out of town.

So with our new found friends in tow – Katie, Kat, Dan and Frank, with myself, Chris, Ben and Sammy all decided to spend a night in the campsite, and of course a BBQ had to be on the menu for the evening!

The boys headed off to the local Woolworths to grab a mass of grub for our feast, and us girls stayed behind soaking up the sun…

As night fell, we all rustled up an awesome BBQ. It was a feast fit for a king! Alongside the ever present Goon, we munched our way through the food including ribs, pork crackling, salads, pasta, and of course some veggie delights for myself!

We got through the food – with plenty to spare – and the dishes were finally done in the dark with our wee torches alongside. Whilst we all sat around the picnic bench, (with our ever annoying mozzie friends close by!) someone chose to utter the words ‘skinny dipping’.

Something I had never done before, but always thought it would be fun to try… with the help of our numerous glasses of Goon, we were all well up for doing this!

The beach was a mere 100 metres away. So armed with our wind up torches, cameras and lots of giggles… we darted down to the beach.

Ben was more than happy to get the party started by whipping off his shorts and tshirt, baring a peachy white bum to us all!! Hilarious!!

The rest of us, in fits of laughter stood together on the sand… with us all looking at one another not knowing who would be the first to bare all – we counted down…

3… 2… 1…

The clothes were torn off.

Hearts were pounding with nerves.

Laughter heightened as more and more flesh was bared.

And soon we were all throwing ourselves towards the sea as fast as our naked bodies could take us!!!

It wasn’t until we were in the water that we realised the Byron Lighthouse shone right upon us as it spun round gracing the Bay!!! Oh dear!!

The current was surprisingly strong, as we all hysterically tried to cover all areas of bright white flesh!!

Unfortunately the sight of a torch shining on us from the campsite ruined our fun, and we soon made our way back to the campsite…

Thankfully we weren’t in too much trouble!

An epic night. And something I will always remember.

Byron really does take the nakedness out of you!!



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