The Final Week : 6 Days To Go…


Today I have my 6th memory of Byron to share with you guys .

Each day for my final week in Byron Bay, before I head up to East Coast, I’m thinking of all the random stuff I’ve been up to during my days (and nights!) in this beautiful town…

Skinny Dipping was the thought of the day yesterday… today unfortunately the topic of conversation is still on the subject of nudity!!

Way back in the early months of me gracing the streets of Byron Bay, I was low on the old dollar to help me live by smoothly in this awesome – yet expeinsive – town!

Now don’t worry guys (and Mum!), I didn’t turn to anything nasty that would ruin my reputation entirely!

I say ‘entirely’ purely because, some of my reputation was a little ruined… but in most cases I’ve noticed the reaction to what I did in order to gain myself some extra cash – 300 smack-a-roons to be exact – has been great!

People who I’ve told of my story are often proud, infact even high fives are given!

They’re surprised that I even had the courage to such a thing! To even acomplish something so daring and nerve racking infront of a mass crowd!

You’re wondering what the hell I did aren’t you?

Well..let me share a short story first…. (sorry to delay even more!)

Byron Bay – being the small town that it is – has one, and only one backpacker bar – Cheeky Monkey’s. It’s infamous. In more ways than one.

Each night is themed, you have the Mexican Mondays, Ladies Nights, Babe Nation, all of which hold seperate compititions and events in order to pull the punters inside.

However on one particular day of the week – Thursday – when the punters really do cram themselves in, something just a little more special happens.

Wet T-Shirt Compitition.

Yup, ladies of all sizes and shapes are asked throughout the night whether they would like to enter the comp. Obviously to begin with, most women are far from wanting to enter such a thing. However as the drink flows, and confidence rises, these women are ready rock on those dance tables!!

This is where I come in.

When I was asked, I said a firm no. I had nothing to drink and did’nt have any intention on hitting the dance floor with a white t-shirt on!

However, seeing as I was surrounded with many friends, and an entire hostel worth of people who my friend Nic worked at. I was convinced to enter in, with the satisfaction of knowing I had a good crowd behind me to garentee a win.

I won’t go into many details, but I’ll utter a few words to give you the jist!

Beer + More Beer + Encouragement + 7 Fellow Ladies + RHCP ‘Give It Away Now’ Song To Dance To + Free Champagne + Nerves + White Tshirt + Dance Tables + Ice Cold Jugs Of Water + Crazy Dance Moves + Cheers From The Crowd…

= $300 Cash.

Ah… just what the doctor ordered!!

With that money I lived pretty happily for around 3 solid weeks! Since then I haven’t had the courage to compete. I think my work there is done!!

I did say yesterday that Byron seems to take the nakedness out of you… and so far I’m proving that a little too well!

(Again – Sorry Mum!!)


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