The Final Week : 5 Days To Go…


During the winter months in Byron Bay, the town is greeted with the sighting of some of the most amazing mammals and their wee babies :).  Hump Back Whales.

Ever since I heard the mummies and their new born babies, (not forgetting the daddies) were all moving north I was dying to see them!

Being in Byron, everyday seems to blend into the next, so before I knew it the months had flown by and I was still to see a whale!

Everyone else I knew would talk of how many times they had seen the whales. The boys out surfing would see them in the distance jumping around doing their thing! So many people had visited the lighthouse, and would see them gently gliding by the point.

So, determind to see some of this action, I headed up to the lighthouse with Louise on a mission to finally see these whales!

Well…. We did, but nothing near to what everyone else appeared to see! I could see a fair few floating by every so often, and one did come surprisingly close to the coastline, but not once did I see one jump out… come on I want more action!!

I didn’t really have the money to spend on a whale sighting tour. There was certainly plenty to choose from, but unfortunately my purse strings were a little too short!!

So yet again, it was a case of waiting to see if I could catch that one special moment!

That one day finally did come…

It was a glorious hot sunny day, and the boys – Tom, Chris and Dickie, as well as myself and Louise all decided to head out to the coast for a spot of fishing!

We had done fishing out at a lovely wee spot called Little Wategoes before, but this was ages ago – way back in summertime! So with the sun finally shining again and it feeling much warmer, we needed to get out there!

So, armed with the rods, a few bottles of water, grub and plenty bait we headed straight over the hill and set ourselves up to catch some fish!

I was hoping I’d finally see some whales when we were out here… it’s safe to say I saw plenty, infact – much more than expected :).

It was possibley one of the best days I had ever had out fishing. Purely due to the fact I was sitting on the rocks most of the time busy looking out at sea for more whale action! I didn’t even fish!!

The whales were on fire with their jumping around, splashing their tales, basically they were just showing off big time! But I loved every second.

I tried my best to capture each sighting with my camera but it was no use! Unless you have lots of patience, a good eye for knowing where they’ll be jumping out from and of course a really good camera with awesome zoom, theres not much chance of catching it!

So instead I happily sat on the rock (although slightly uncomfortable rock!) looking in all directions as the whales showed off just for us! It felt like our own personal show – awesome!

Its really hard to explain the feeling when you see them… it’s just amazing. Such huge creatures, how do they get themselves out of the water with such force?!

If you ever get the chance to see these awesome mammels showing off in the ocean, do it! I swear the feeling is great, words cant come close to how it feels….



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