The Final Week : 4 Days To Go…


Unfortunately todays memory is related with the old drink yet again. I know ill regret all this alocohol one day soon. Infact I do often regret it when I have a killer hangover (like today!).

I’ve had a fair share of nights out in Byron. They often involve dressing up, – like the many parties had in the bar at Aquarius. Most involve a trip to the Cheeky Monkey Bar to dance our hearts out on the tables.

And every night out always has to involve a trip to the pie shop for much needed munch after all that drinking and dancing!! I’m gonna miss that pie shop!

Thankfully though, my memory today isn’t about the pie shop!

Nope today is about a particular night out, I think it was about a month ago now, and yes, as you will probably guess I got stonkingly drunk!

My friend Tom said that he wanted to get wasted… and drag me along with him. Of course, I didn’t put up a fight; I was in the mood for drinking, dancing and generally having an epic night, apart from the hangover!

The night, as usual began in the bar at Aquarius with a game of Scatergories along wish it. A weekly game of random words and basically coming up with funny and mostly rude comments! It all happens at Aquarius!

The 50cent goons that us staff are given as a privilege went down a little too easily as the night began. Lots of laughter was shared as we worked our way through the game, and by the end of it I was ready and raring to go to the Monkey!

Some of the guys headed off to Coco’s to grab some cocktails, but the rest of us got the Cheeky bus to come pick us lazy ones up and get straight into the bar for more beers!

Now this is where the night got a little too messy!

I know for a fact I had 4 pints of beer in Cheekys alone. Now, this may not sound like much…ish. However, it certainly is plenty when you’ve been used to drinking ‘scooners’. (The standard sized… much smaller drink in most bars across Australia, infact it’s very rare to find a pint anywhere!)

So a good 4 pints down my throat and what I can recall is plenty of dancing… lots more dancing… laughing hysterically… almost getting Tom in a fight… plenty of hilarious photos… and yet more dancing.

The most of the night is a bit of a mish mash, but a great one at that!

And the beauty of the entire evening was the lack of hangover the following morning… I love it when that happens!!


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