The Final Week : 3 Days To Go…


Yet again this one involves alcohol. Bit of a theme going on here!!

Today’s fond memory takes me back to February when myself, Chris, Kat, Ben, Sammy, Frank, Katie and Dan planned a night out drinking at the infamous Buddha Bar.

At this point I was still living in the campervan with Chris and Katie, with Ben and Sammy in their wee car, the rest of the crew were lucky enough to stay at the Arts Factory.

We all got together at the campsite just outside town and started with the pre drinking. Me and the girls all got together in your typical girlie sense in the loos to doll ourselves up for the evening!

For the first time since leaving home – I straightened my hair!! For me, that was a big thing, I’m hoping I don’t have to go back to all that again!

Plenty make up was thrown on and we headed back out to join the boys. Already some Jack Daniels had been hacked into, and the boys were all looking pretty smart in their shirts.

The Buddha Bus was called to come pick us up so we could arrive at the bar just as happy hour was starting… just what backpackers need – cheap beer!!

As soon as we got in, we all hit the bar in style by purchasing two scooners of their finest Byron Brewery Beer each. Brewed in the bar itself, you can actually grab yourself a photo with the steel drums holding the yummy beer! Infact I’m sure theres plenty of drunken photos of us trying to lick through the drums!!

As the night went on… of course the photos were taken. One particular photo paints a pretty picture of us all sitting round our table with over 20 glasses of beer at hand… between 8 people that’s a whole lot of beer!!

Infact the photographs alone paint some very odd pictures… some of which we were all confused with the next day – including; Using steel trays as hats?! Lots of kisses shared throughout the group! Placemats put in odd places! And even more kisses shared!

But it didn’t end in the bar… without getting kicked out of the bar, especially with the amount of alcohol we had consumed, we made our way over to the Arts Factory. Here is where things got a little messy!!

Somehow in our drunken state, we decided it would be a good idea to climb upon the ping pong table in the hostel and generally roll around for the camera!! At one point even, we made our way into the laundry area only for the camera to capture me trying to climb inside the tumble dryer!

Why do thing like that always seem like such a great idea when you’re intoxicated?!!

The ping pong table came back into action as the night drew to a close, with most of us laying across the table, and a photo that can only be described as a ping pong orgy going on…

Apologies to mum as you faint in horror!

Along with many nights I’ve had in Byron, this particular one has to be one of the best. Byron holds some of the most epic drinking sessions I’ve had during my trip… and thankfully this one didn’t involve the ever popular Goon!



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