The Final Week : 2 Days To Go…


This has to be my ultimate awesome memory of Byron!

I’ll remember it always as possibley the best party I have ever had… when it comes to dressing up at least!

With my birthday coming up towards the end of June this year, and Chris’s exactly a week before, a party had to happen! A themed party was a must as well! So we put the mission of deciding on a theme into Ryan’s hands and a mere day later he returned with the perfect idea :).

Toga Party.

The date was set – Friday 18th June; Exactly midway between our birthdays.

The plan was made. We would invite all the bus touts from the other hostels, and basically fill the bar with as many toga wearers as physically possible!

As the day came nearer, I swear almost everyone was talking about this party. It felt like everyone was prepping themselves and wondering how to make their togas more than myself!

It wasn’t till the day before that I decided how to make my toga special… being the birthday girl and all I wanted to stand out from all my fellow toga wearers! And even though I didn’t try, I somehow managed to resemble a bride! The train of my toga did however resemble a muddy puddle by the end of the night though!

The day of the party was a chilled out one for myself. Whilst in the kitchen downstairs, the bar manager – Chris – strolled by with what looked like a box of weeds… only to discover it was vines to decorate the bar! Awesome!

Inspired, I headed straight out to rape the nearby trees for some foliage to go with my toga! The 99cents pineapple I bought the day previously also came in handy for decoration… as Chris made us both matching headsets with the leaves!


After plenty of pre drinking outside the staff room just before heading to the bar, the camera was ready for plenty of photos (turned out to be over 1000 photos for the whole night!) and everyone was fixed up in their bed sheets!

As the night went on, the togas spilled into the bar. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much effort put into a dress up party!

Beer, Goons, Vodka, Gin and Jager went down a treat with everyone.

I loved every single second of the whole night, and I love it more because I remember it all! Although the photo’s did give me the odd shock or two!

I even remember sitting on the toilet hearing bar manager Chris giving me and Chris a shout out for our birthdays. All I could hear was Chris wondering where I was, as I darted out from the toilets to join everyone… followed by a huge group photo which is possibley my favourite photo taken since my time in Byron :).

I never thought I’d have a Byron birthday, after the fun I had, I never would of liked it any other way. It’s gonna take a lot to top that one :).


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