The Final Week : 1 Day To Go… Bye Bye Byron :)


Well today, being my final ever day in Byron I’ve decided to talk about how much I’ll miss this place.

Sad, I know. But Byron really is part of me and I hope one day I can return to this place and live the Byronian life once more :).

Part of me is really looking forward to leaving, and doing this big adventure up the coast with all the friends I’ve made since living in this beautiful town.

But the other part of me…. Not so much.

I’ve lived in Byron since the start of April. It’s been tough, moving from one place to the other on various occasions. Struggling to find a job. But now my home is at Aquarius. I’ve made some amazing friends here, and I’ll miss every single one of them.

Every single day I wake up around 9am, have breakfast, then head over to the café to join Robbie, Niah and Nadine for my two hour shift for my accommodation. I love these guys so much.

I enjoyed every single shift, and even though I hated cleaning the burnt bean pot after a busy Sunday morning (!!), I’ll certainly miss sweating over that kitchen sink when the crowds rolled in.

We always had something to laugh about. Whether it was Niah with his stories, or chuckling at one another when one of us dragged ourselves in with a hangover! I’ll be back in that café soon – this time next year perhaps??

As much as I dreaded the job, and didn’t particularly enjoy promoting in the awful outfits – a piece of me will miss the old Cheeky Monkeys! It was money after all, and walking around in the sun (most of the time at least!) wasn’t too shabby I guess!

The day to day things I’m going to miss more than anything. The chilled lifestyle of having the beach right outside my doorstep, wandering around town feeling like this was home, and always seeing a familiar face is certainly going to be a huge miss.

I can even feel that summer is coming. The nights are warmer, the days are gradually getting longer and I’m wearing my bikini more often than before! It’s just knowing that I’ll be heading home into the beginning of Scottish winter that fills me with dread!

All these things though give me more encouragement to get home and save every last penny I have – if I find myself a job of course – and get back out into the world! Ill strive to find this lifestyle all over again. I don’t think Aberdeen is going to give me quite the same feeling!!

Everyone I’ve met who has lived in Byron says you get caught into the ‘Byron Bubble’, its so true. Whether you want to or now, Byron really has something about it that pulls you in… for me, it makes me never want to leave.

I certainly won’t put up a fight if Byron tries to pull me back into it’s amazing wee bubble. It’s part of me now – I’ll be back!


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