Let’s Go Roadtrippin’!!


Well the start of the much awaited trip has begun!!

I’m finally on the road again, and I’m loving it!

The goodbyes in Byron were very hard, and lots of tears were shed, but i love being on the road and not knowing where you might just end up that evening!!

I’m keeping note of all the stuff we get up to, so i can give you a big insight on the last few weeks of my travels 🙂

It’s the beginning of the end… And I’m both happy and sad, but I’m already planning what I’ll be up to when I head home… I’m so excited!!

Guys, I’ll love you and leave you for now. I’m in Noosa as I speak, and my next stop is the Noosa Park Bush Camp… Let’s hope the mozzies don’t love me too much again this time!!

I’ll be back with lots of stories to share… Whether it’s during my trip, or a whole heap when I’m done! Either way, I’ll have plenty to share 🙂

Speak soon xx


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